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What type of engine is the T-6A equipped with?
Pratt & Whitney PT6A-68 free turbine, reverse flow design, turboprop engine
What are the major sections of the engine compartment?
accessory compartment
gas generation section
power turbine section
What are some systems located at the accessory compartment?
accessory gearbox
oil tank
What are four components in the gas generation section?
compressor inlet
combustion chamber
compressor turbine
What are four components are in the power turbine section?
power turbines
exhaust case
reduction gearbox
propeller shaft
Where are the spark ignitors located?
at the 4 and 9 o'clock position around the combustion chamber
What two ways is the PCL connected to the FMU (fuel management unit)?
mechanically by a flexible cable

electrically by way of the PMU
What does the PMU do?
1. processes power requests from PCL
2. keeps the engine within operating limits
3. determines available power and provides near linear response between IDLE and MAX
What is ITT?
Interstage Turbine Tempurature is the tempurature inside the engine
What is the PMA and what does it do?
the Permanent Magnet Alternator provides 32 VAC to the PMU which converts to DC
What 3 subsystems are included in the oil system
1. pressure system
2. scavenge system
3. cooling system
Where is oil tempurature and pressure displayed?
on the Engine/Systems/NACWS display
How and where is the propeller speed measured?
by a phase shift torque probe located in the reduction gearbox
What inputs does the propeller system use in addition to PCL inputs to adjust propeller pitch?
tempurature, altitude, other conditions