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Who is Sylvester Duncan?
He is a mule.
When did Sylvester find a shiny red pebble?
One rainy Saturday. Sylvester was on vacation.
What did Sylvester's parents do in the morning?
They asked all the neighbors, children, the animals, and police if they seen Sylvester.
How long did Mr. and Mrs. Duncan look for Sylvester?
They looked for one month.
How many seasons was Sylvester a rock?
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.
4 seasons.
What did Sylverster's parents do in the month of May?
They went on a picnic to Strawberry Hill.
What did Mr. Duncan find?
The magic red pebble.
Where did Mr. and Mrs. Duncan sit down and eat their picnic?
On Sylvester, the rock.
What happened when Sylvester wished he was a donkey again?
He became a donkey. They hugged and kissed eacher.
Why couldn't Sylvester think?
He was too frightened. He panicked.
What is the moral of the story and what does it mean?
Be careful what you wish for. It means you need to think before you wish for something. You may get some trouble.
Who did Sylvester meet when he was going home to show his parents his magic pebble?
He saw a mean hungry lion.
How did Sylvester feel when he was a rock?
Sylvester felt helpless and hopeless.
What did Sylvester's parent's do when he did not come home?
Sylvesters parents paced the floor. They were worried because he never came home for dinner. They cried and were sad.
What was Sylvester's first wish?
"I wish it would stop raining."
What was Sylvester's hobby?
Collecting pebbles of different shapes and colors.
What did Sylvester say when he saw the lion?
"I wish I were a rock."
What did the lion do and why?
The lion sniffed the rock and walked around and around. He was confused and puzzled. He knew he saw the donkey, but now all he sees is a rock.