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Individual Racism
When an individual thinks or acts in a manner that is motivated by the conscious or unconscious belief that the people he or she acts toward are inferior in some way based on their race.
Unpaid Labor and the informal Economy
transactions outside regular employment
work is done for exchange in exchange for a regular wage, or salary. In all cultures, work is the base of the economic system or economy.
Institutions that provide for the production and distribution of goods and services.
Division of labor
Work has become divided into an enormous number of different occupations in which people specialize.
The separation of humans from themselves, each other, and the products they create.
Dividing student into groups that receive different instruction on the basis of assumed similarities in ability of attainment.
Hidden Curriculum
Values, attitudes and beliefs about the world. Often uncritical acceptance of the social order.
Public Sphere
A sphere of communication where public opinion is formed and attitudes are shaped.