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What are the default character set and sort order after installation of ASE 12.5?
Default character set is cp850, which supports the English language, uppercase and lowercase, and any special accent characters that are used in European languages. The default sort order that goes with this character set is binary, which is the fastest of sorts when building index structures or during execution of order by clauses.
What is the command used to determine what the current sort order and character set is?
what facility may optionally replace the interfaces file functionality in 12.5?
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
What is the difference between in a static configuration parameter and a dynamic configuration parameter?
When a dynamic parameter is modified, the effects take place immediately. When a static parameter is modified, the server must be rebooted for the effect to take place.
What does the command 'sp_helpconfig 'number of connections', 100 return?
It returns the amount of memory that will be taken by the server if that parameter is set to that value.
Describe the DSLISTEN and DSQUERY environment variables.
DSLISTEN is an environment variable set by the OS administrator and indicates which network port the server will 'listen on' when commands are sent. The DSQUERY environment variable, which is also set by the OS admin, is used by the client to identify what port to connect to if no server name is specified when connecting.
List at least three pieces of information that are contained in the RUN_SERVERNAME file.
1. The server name
2. The name/location of the errorlog
3. the name/location of the master device
4. the name/location of the master mirror
5. the name/location of the configuration file
Name the five system databases that are used by Adaptive Server Enterprise ver. 12.5 and are required in order for the server to function properly.
1. sybsystemprocs
2. sybsystemdb
3. master
4. model
5. tempdb
Name three databases that are used by Adaptive Server Enterprise ver. 12.5 to increase functionality?
1. dbccdb
2. sybsecurity
3. sybsyntax
What is sybsystemdb used for?
It is required for client applications implementing distributed transaction management (two-phase commit) using the SYB2PC protocol.
What information is stored in the interfaces file?
The server name, protocol, and address. It also stores information such as the number of retry attempts for reconnecting after the initial connect fails, and delays (the number of seconds to wait between retries).
Name the graphical tool used since SYBASE version 11.0 in editing the interfaces file.
dsedit -> Directory Services Editor
Describe what the utility optdiag is used for?
Used to display the contents of sysstatistics and systabstats for a given database; may also be used (with some risk) to override ther server's calculation of statistics.
JAVA classes in ASE version 12.0 can be used to define what type of database objects?
They are used to create Java data types (for columns in tables), and may be used to invoke Java methods as user-defined functions.
Give the stored procedure syntax used to estimate table and index space required for the Titles table to contain 100,000 rows.
sp_estspace titles, 100000
Describe what can take place and some of the uses for the sp_configure procedure with the 'sp_configuration file' option.
1. sp_configure 'configuration file',0,write, 'filename' is used to copy the orignial version of the configuration file to another name. 2. sp_configure 'configuration file',0,restore, 'filename' is used to copy the most resent version of the configuration file to another filename. 3. sp_configure 'configuration file',0,verify, 'filename' is used to perform validation checking only for the configuration parameters in the filename. (useful for validating parameters before updating the existing configuration file) 4. sp_configure 'configuration file',0,read, 'filename' is used to perform validation checking of configuration parameters in the filename. It modifies any dynamic parameter values from the values in the file.
High Availability Companion Server, a new feature available in ASE 12.0, is achieved by allowing what?
Two seperate ASE servers can achieve HA by being allowed to communicate with the same devices.
Which of the following tables can be partitioned? 1. System Table 2. user-created #temp table 3. user table 4. work table
Which of the following statements are true? 1. Row and column sizes are dependant on page size 2. Index size is dependant of page size 3. Row, columns and indexes are not dependent of page size 4. Rows are not dependent of page size 5. Char and varchar columns are not dependent of page size
For which of the following releases is upgrade to ASE 12.5 supported? 1. 11.0 2. 11.5 3. 11.9.2 4. 12.0
ANSWER: 11.0 & 11.9.2 & 12.0
Which one of the following actions does ASE perform right after a shutdown with nowait action command has been issued? 1. It writes a nowait record to the log. 2. It logs off all logins except for system administrators. 3. It flushes all user log caches. 4. It issues a checkpoint. 5. It aborts all processes.