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Simone de Beauvoir
Introduction to Second Sex
Shulamith Firestone
The Dialectic of Sex
Gayle Rubin
Thinking Sex

Traffic in Women
David Halperin
One Hundred Years of Homosexuality
John Boswell
Revolutions, Universals, and Sexual Categories
Claudia Koontz
Love and Order in the Third Reich
Stuart Marshall
Political Uses of Gay History
Dagmar Herzog
Introduction to Sexuality After Facism
Heidi Hartmann
The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism and Feminism
Michele Barrett
Capitalism and Women's Liberation
Linda Nicholson
Feminism and Marx
Leslie Feinberg
Stone Butch Blues
Monique Wittig
One is Not Born a Woman
Woman as Other
de Beauvoir, Simone (Introduction to the Second Sex)
women's role should be changed b/c of technology in artificial reproduction=no longer biological factor
Firestone, Shulamith (The Dialectic of Sex)
5 ideologies, social structure creates gender, not born with itsociety dictates gender
Thinking Sex//Gayle Rubin
Gift economy, men give women as gifts
Traffic in Women//Gayle Rubin
Nomalist, belief that something does not exist until it is named, aristophane's myth, ancient Greece
One Hundred Years of Homosexuality//David Halperin
Realist vs Nomalist, describes how sexuality is hard to describe
Revolutions, Universals, and Sexual Categories//John Boswell
Women's role in Nazi party, power within party lines
Love and Order in the Third Reich//Claudia Koontz
homosexuality during Nazism
pink triangle, aids victims vs holocaust victims
The Political Uses of Gay History//Stuart Marshall
common perception=nazis were anti-sex but not, very loose policies for Aryan=double standards
Sexuality after Facism//Dagmar Herzog
marxism and feminism do not go together, housework, family wage, patriarchy
The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism and Feminism//Heidi Hartmann
marxism and feminism does go together=capitalism's role in women's opression
Capitalism and Women's Liberation//Michele Barrett
Marx helpful, but doesn't answer problems=need to change system of marxism to fit feminism
Feminism and Marx//Linda Nicholson
Relates transgender with social and economically challenged class. Challenge in force by sticking together.
Stone Butch Blues//Leslie Feinberg
Lesbianism and issues about being women
One is Not Born a Woman//Monique Wittig