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Who is th main character in the book a swiftly tilting planet?
charles wallace
what is the major theme that is portrayed throughout the book?
the power of one
what is meg's role as a character?
to support charles wallace, to help him thru his journey
name 5 Biblical allusions
love versus fear, brother versus brother, good versus evil, the power of one, kything
name one thing in the book that did go against the Bilbe
scrying glass, kything, Gaudior
What did Gaudior symolize?
A fellow Christian supporting Charles Wallace; a guardian angel
who does charles wallace first go within?
what does charles wallace change within harcels?
He prevents Harcels from seeing the wasys of wicked men
What is the key Might-Have-Been that Charles Wallace goes within?
Matthew MAddox
What is the crucial information that Charles wallace gains from being within Chuck?
he gained information about the letters
What did Charles Wallace change within Brandon?
he made sure that Zylle did not die
Who was the leader of the Wind People in Madoc's time?
What did Gwydyr do after he was nearly killed by his brother?
he went down to Vespugia and settled a bit there
how would evil corrupted good if Charles Wallace had not changed the past?
Zillie would have married Bran in Matthew's time and corrupted him and the baby; thus forming the cruel dictator El Rabioso
what side is the O'Keafe line on?
evil -- Paddy corrupts Beezie, Jack was cruel in Matthew's time
What does the Wind represent to Christians?
What 3 qualities does Charles Wallace need to change Might-Have-Beens?
love, hope, and faith
How does Mrs. O'Keafe help throughout the story?
layed the charge on Charles; brang the letters over to Mom and dad's house
What does Zylle name her baby?
What are the two people from Gwydyr's lineage that Bran encounters in Vespugia?
Gedder and Zillie
Are the Mortmain's on the side of good or evil?
What character quality is Chuck's sense of smell like?
discernment (smells bad -- bad person)
How does Pastor Mortmain act in fear at Zylle?
He fears her for she is different (examp: not crying during child labor and therefore claims she's a witch)
Who can hear and sing the ancient harmonies?
the people on the side of good
What is revealed about Pastor Mortamain after he says that singing is bad?
it reveals that he is on the side of evil
How did Grandma Branwen get the rune?
Thru Queen Branwen
What was Madoc about to do when Charles Wallace went within him?
get married
what happens when charles wants his own way?
he gets blown off course and lands in a bad place
what is a projection?
a possible future of our world
what type of unicorns hatch from eggs?
time-traveling ones
What is an example of a flat/static character?
Dennys, Sandy, Mom, Dad
How does Ananda tie into the story?
She provides help for Meg to kythe with Charles Wallace
Is Gaudior on the side of evil?
who was Zylle's father?
how were the fights passed down generation to generation?
Madoc vs. Gwydyr, Brandon vs. Pastor Mortmain, Gedder vs. Rich, Chuck vs. Mortmain
did Mark like this book?
at first, no; now, kinda