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2 rivers running dry
Colarado & Yellow
how should renewable resources be exploited
1) Harvesting rates do not exceed regeneration rates
2)Waste emissions do not exceed the renewable capacity of the local capacity
Sustainable growth
Since our resource base cannot go along with our economy, sus. growth is an exymoron
Aral Sea
its ports are now abandoned
4/5 of its volume since 1960
bad for trade
food buble economy
production is artifically inflacted by mining of groundwater
Socialism and Ecology
Presuppose each other
1) Technology and Culture: Cause vs. Cure
technology offers the only means of moving towards sustainability

without technology humans would have been limited by “metabolic processes of humans as biological organisms”
2) Humility vs. Arrogance
need humility to realize and understand that we are not omniscient
-humility will keep our minds open, and flexible enough to deal with unseen circumstances

must have the arrogance to make tough decisions
3) Intergenerational vs. Intragenerational
intergenerational (between generations): ultimate moral principle behind the idea of sustainability

* massive redistribution of resources
4) Growth vs. Limits
sustainable vs. development
5) Individual vs. Collective Interests
-individuality=automobile society, land ownership and the right to pursue “happiness”

sustainability is based on concepts that are very different: mass transportation, stewardship, smaller families and households
6)Democracy: Diversity vs. Purpose
in diversity we find a greater range of potential answers and swifter ability to respond

we must be decentralized
7) Adaptability vs. Resistance
sapien = adaptable, and yet our government resists major change

in order to make this process relativly painless, need to be adaptable
9) Optimization vs. Spare Capasity
we need to leave “spare capacity” or extras

unused resources are seen as a waste, we feel the need to use every resource to it’s fullest extent