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State the primary goal of surgical intervention
To allow the patient to be able to return to his/her best possible state of physical and mental health.
Reasons for surgical intervention
A. Prophylacic (preventive)
B. Restorative (curative)
C. Palliative
Types of Hospitals
A. Religious
B. Proprietary (privately owned and operated)
C. Nonprofit
D. University
E. Government
Members of the hospital directly asscociated with the operating room
A. Operating room (OR) supervisor
B. Operating room assistant supervisor
C. Surgeon
D. Surgeon's assistant (first assistant)
E. Anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist
F. Operating room registered nurse (circulator)
G. Surgical technologist
H. Nursing assistants/orderlies
I. Clerical personnel
Members of the operating room
A. Sterile, scrubbed - work in the sterile operating field
1. Surgeon
2. Others - Surgeon's assistant, Scrub
B. Unsterile, unscrubbed - work outside the sterile field
1. Anesthesiologist/anesthetist
2. Circulator
3. Others (ex. X-ray tech, perfusionist