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In the event that a child needs emergency surgery and the parents cannot be located to sign the permission
a written consultation by two physicians other than the surgeon will suffice
A patient is scheduled for an appendectomy. After completing this prcedure the surgeon decides to remove a mole from the shoulder while the patient is still under anesthesia. No permission was obtained for this. The circulating nurse should
report it to the supervisor or proper administrative authority
The surgical consent form can be witessed by each of the following (Except the patient's spouse)
the surgeon, a nurse, an authorized hospital employee
A patient is premedicated and brought to the operating room for a cystoscopy and an open reduction of the wrist. Upon arrival in the operating room, it is observedthat thee patient has signed only for the systoscopy. The correct procedure would be to
cancel surgery until a valid permission can be obtained
A general consent form is
a form authorizing all treatments or procedures
The ultimate responsibility for obtaining consent lies with the
The surgical consent is signed
before administration of preoperativee medications
An informed consent
protects the patient from unratified or unwanted procedures, protects the surgeon and the hospital from claims of an unauthorized operation
In order for a consent to be considered valid there must be
specific procedure to be performed is stated clearly, witnesses' signatures are present, and the date of signing is present