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What graft must be obtained with a dermatome
split-thickness mesh graft
A Cavitron unit is used for
The power source for Hall power equipment is
A neurosurgical drill used for precision cutting, shaping, and repair of bone is the
Air Drill 100
In what surgery would a small fragment compression set be used
olecranon fracture
A permanent pacemaker operates on a pulse generator powered by
Three dermatomes are
Reese, Padgett-Hood, and Brown
Hypothermia is employed in cardiac surgery
to reduce oxygen consumption
The following are components of a cardiopulmonary bypass system
oxygenator,heat exchanger, pump
What movement in a power instrument drills holes orr inserts screws, wires or pins
retary movement
The power instrument which is small, light weight, free of vibration, and easy to handle for pinpoint accuracy at high speed is
air powered
The power source for the Air Drill 100 is
compressed nitrogen
The powere source for air-powered dermatomes is
compressed nitrogen, or air
Suction tubing should be processed in the following way
residual of distilled water in lumen, steam sterilization, tubing coilded
The suction tip which is right angled and is used for small amounts of fluid such as in brain surgery is
The following steps can assist in the immediate determination of intraoperative blood loss
visual inspection of blood in sponges, measurement of blood in sponges by weighing, and estimation of blood in suction container
When using a cellsaver for autologous blood transfusion, the blood is suctioned through a double lumen tubing and is
During orthopedic surgery the suction tubing should be
cleared frequently
What type of surgery would require several patent suction cannulas and suction often controlled by a foot pedal
ear, nose and throat (ENT)
When suctioning in neurosurgery, a precaution taken is to
avoid applying vacuum directly on brain or neural tissue
A tourniquet is utilized
only when hemorrhage is not controlled by other methods
The proper setting for a tourniquet applied to an arm is
250 to 300 mm Hg
Exsanguination of a limb prior to tourniquet inflation is accomplished by wrappin the elevated extremity with
The amount of pressure used to inflate a tourniquet depends on all of the following
patient's age, size of extremity, and depth of surgical incision
A regional block which utilizes the tourniquet is a
Bier block
The tourniquet is contraindicated if the
patient's circulation to distal part of extremity is poor
What action drains venous blood during tourniquet application
eleate exremity before tightening tourniquet
At what point should the surgeon be informed of the time of tourniquet application
after 1 hour, then every 15 minutes
When would the use of Esmarch be contraindicated
patient has had recent injury, and patient has had recent cast
What agent is used to inflate a pneumatic tourniquet
nitrous oxide
A precaution necessary when using a pneumatic tourniquet is
solutions must be prevented from pooling under tourniquet
In what procedure would a tourniquet be contraindicated
gangrenous toe amputation
A grounding pad is not required for the electrocautery in
a bipolar unit
The inactive electrode of the cautery is the
ground pad
The electrical circuit of the electrocautery is completed when
currint flows to and from the generator to patient via the active electrode
Why must the electrocautery tip be kept clean
to ensure electrical contact effectiveness
In electrosurgery, "buzzing" refers to
coagulation of vessel via a metal instrument touching the active electrode
Which elecrosurgical unit provides precise control of the coagulated area
What condition is MOST acceptable when using electrocautery
ground pad placed close to operative site
The active electrode on the electrocautery is the
The cautery would NOT be used
in neck or nasopharynx surgery if netrous oxide is used
Why are only moist sponges utilized during electrocautery use
to prevent fire
If the electrocautery is used through the colonoscope, carbon dioxide should be available to flush out the colon because
gases normally in the colon could cause an explosion
Fulguration is utilized primarily in ___________ surgery
transurethral resection (TUR) and prostate operations
When working in the bladder, why is more or higher electrical current necessary during cautery use
more current is needed when working in solution
Fulguration via the resectoscope is accomplished by the use of a(n) ____ tip
A direct visualization of the common bile duct is done by means of an
The following are true of fiberoptic lighting
light is conducted through a bundle of coated glass fibers, light is nonglaring, light is of high intensity
Complications can occur during endoscopy, such as
bleeding and perforation
An endoscopy procedure which does not require a sterile set up is
The following are precautions when handling fiberoptic cables
light cable should be dropped or swing free when carried, cables are coiled loosely no kinking, heavy items are not laid on cables
Fiberoptic cable integrity is questionable when
dark spots are evident
When using a fiberoptic, burns and fires are prevented by
cable is kept away from drapes when disconnected from endoscope, personnel should not lean on cable end which is disconnected but is still on, cable end is kept on a moist towel when disconnected from endoscope
An economical, practical, and effective way to initially clean reusable channeled endoscopic instruments is when the
A sterilant that is used on endoscopes which is bactericidal, funicidal, and sporicidal in 20 to 30 minutes' processing time is
peracetic acid
What statement is true regarding a STERIS system for endoscope sterilization
only one scope or a few instruments can be processed in a cycle
The endoscope that provides a view of the middle of the thorax, between the two pleural sacs, is
Loupes are used for
Resolving power of an operating microscope means
the ability to discern detail
What item in the optical lens system is responsible for magnification
oculars and objective lens
The range of focal lengths of the objective lenses in the operating microscope is
100 to 400 mm
A continuously variable magnification system is afforded to the eye surgeon by the
zoom lens with foot control
The purpose of the "slit" lamp in eye surgery is
defining depth perception
The operating microscope that visually employs fiberoptics for its light source is
coaxial illuminators
Care of the microscope would include all of the following
damp dust external surfaces with detergent-disinfectant before use, enclose in an antistatic plastic cover when not in use, clean casters before each use
The purpose of the beam splitter in an operating microscope is to
coincide the assistant's field of view with the surgeon's
The colpomicroscope affords a view of the
The procedure employing the use of a self retaining laryngoscope and microscope is called a
suspension microlaryngoscopy
The binocular microscope provides stereoscopic vision. This refers to
the view afforded by double eyepieces
Which magnifying powers are available for the microscope eyepieces
10x, 12.5x, 16x, and 20x
What procedure is inappropriate when caring for optic lenses
oil or fingerprints are removed by soaking in solvent for 10 minutes and drying with a cotton ball
The OR bed ay have a metal crossbar between the two upper sections which may be raised to elevate the
kidney and gallbladder
What is also known as a an "airplane support"
double armboard
Operative accessibility in thyroid surgery may be aided by the use of
a shoulder bridge
In what position would shoulder braces be indicated
extreme Trendelenburg
A precaution necessary when using kidney rests is
to press firmly but not too tightly against the body, to pad well, and to place the longer rest beeath the iliac crest
Chest rolls (bolsters)
facilitate respiration
Bakelite orthopedic table attachments are sometimes used because
they don't interfere with radiographic studies
Sponges and towels used near the laser tissue impact site are kept wet in order to
prevent ignition of these materials by reflected beam
A laser plume is composed of
carbonized particles, water, and odor
When using lasers, nonreflective instrumentation
decreases accidental direct reflection of the laser beam to another area
What laser emission is primarily absorbed in tissue by hemoglobin or melanin
The fire extinguisher of choice for a laser fire is
In a surgical procedure employing the use of the laser, prep solution on the patient's skin should be pat dried because
pooled fluids can retain laser heat and subsequently burn tissue
Laser surgery performed in the rectal area should be preceded by
suctioning of lower bowel to remove methane gas
Ebonization refers to
coating of instruments to decrease reflectivity
The use of each of the following items are measures employed to reduce laser induced injuries
ebonized instruments, anodized instruments, and reflective drapes
When utilizing the laser, occupational exposure to surgical smoke via the skin, eye, and mucous membranes is best minimized by the use of
universal precautions
What specialty would employ the use of a slit lamp and the laser
The laser used primarily for port-wine stain lessons of the skin is the
People who are near the CO2 laser impact area can guard against corneal injuries by
wearing amber-tinted lenses
The following are measures used to control the effects of the laser plume
smoke evacuators, suctions, high-filtration masks
What endotracheal tube is contraindicated during laser surgery
polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tube
What item should be on the scrub person's instrument table while the laser is in use
basin of sterile water or saline
The laser used most commonly for retinal detachment, tear, or hole is
The tunable dye laser used to disintegrate kidney stones is the