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Gowns are considered sterile only from
only in front from chest to sterile field level, and sleeves from elbow to cuffs
Drying the hands and arms after a surgical scrub
bend forward holding hands and elbows above the waist, open the towel full length, dry in a rotating motion
Gowning another person
open the hand towel and lay it on the person's hand, keep hands on the outside of the gown under a protective cuff, release the gown once the person touches it
The scrub procedure fulfills all of the folling conditions
reduces the microbial count, leaves an antimicrobial residue, removes skin oil
If the scrub nurse needs to change a glove during an operation
the circulator pulls the glove off
The removal of a glown and gloves
the gown is pulled off inside out, the gown is unitied by the circulator, gloves are removed inside out
An effective surgical scrub procedure is
the time method and the brush-stroke method
Preparation for a surgical scrub are
fingernails should not reach beyond fingertips, anyone with a cut, abrasion, or hangnail should not scrub, a non-oil-based hand lotion may be used to protect the skin
Eyewear, goggles, and/or faceshields should be worn
on every case
The surgical scrub is
mechanical washing and chemical antisepsis of the skin
Scrub technique ends
2 inches above the elbow
Inappropriate preparation by the scrub of the surgical scrub is
nail polish may be worn, if not chipped
What statement best describes an effectie surgical hand scrub
time or number of strokes, hand to elbow sequence
The brush stroke method of scrubbing prescribes the number of strokes required. Indicate the number for each: nails, fingers, hand (back and palm), and arms
30 strokes for nails
20 strokes for fingers
20 strokes for hand
20 strokes for arm