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Diastolic blood pressure refers to
the relaxation phase between heartbeats
Systolic blood pressure represents
the greatest force caused by contraction of the left ventricle of the heart
Tachycardia is a
heartbeat oer 100 beats per minute
The most common artery used to feel the pulse is the
radial artery
The body temp taken orally is 98.6 degrees F, what is it in celsius
37 degrees
Which term indicates low or decreased blood volume
When caheterizing a patient
the tip of the catheter must be kept sterile
In which burn classification are the skin and subcutaneous tissue destroyed
third degree burn
Uncontrolled increased positive pressure in one side of the thorax causes collapse of the opposite side, which is called
mediastinal shift
The patient has received preoperative medication. The action to be taken when this patient coomplains of dry mouth (thirst) and requests water would be to
restrict fluids completely and explain the reason for action of medication
When drawing a blood sample for arterial blood gases (ABC's), what is considered a safe time lapse between blood drawing and analysis
10 minutes
A patient is on anticoagulant drugs. Which of the following tests may be done to check the clotting time of his blood
prothrombin time