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Which of the following is not an acceptable wrapper for gas sterilization
Which is an acceptable wrapper for gas sterilization
muslin, paper, plastic
Which of the following is the only acceptable plastic that can be used for a steam sterilization wrapper
Packages wrapped in muslin must have
4 thickness
The maximum storage life for a muslin-wrapped item in a closed cabinet is
30 days
An item dropped on the floor is considered safe only if
it is enclosed in an impervious material
When using a pour solution
the contents must be used or discarded after the bottle is opened
What is the standard safety margin on package wrappers
1 inch or more
When opening a wrapper, the circulator should open the top flap
away from self
When the scrub nurse opens an inner sterile wrapper
the side nearest the body is opened first
When flipping a sterile item onto the field, the circulator may
project item without reaching over the sterile field