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Define Surgical asepsis
sterile technique, refers to those practices that keep an area or object free of all microorganisms and spores.
What are the most common desease causing microorganisms?
What is the term given to a microbes ability to cause desease?
What is one variation in the handwashing process for sterile technique?
holding the hands higher than the elbows to let the water run down to the elbows making the hands cleaner than the elbows.
What is another variation in handwashing for sterile technique?
Drying hands with seperate towels from the hand to the elbow so as not to contaminate the hands with the towel from the elbow.
What is the term for the process of destroying all microbes, including spores and viruses?
What are four commonly used methods of sterilization?
Steam, gas, boiling water, radiation.
_____ objects used in a ______ field must be _______.
Sterile, sterile, sterile
______ objectes become _____ when touched by ______ objects.
Sterile, unsterile, unsterile
_____ items that are out of _____ or below the _____ level of the nurse are considered _____ .
Sterile, vision, waist, unsterile.
What part of a sterile gown is considered sterile after it has been put on?
Only the front part from the waist to the shoulder and 2 inches above the elbows to the cuff of the sleeves are considered sterile.
_____ objects can become _____ by prolonged exposure to _____ microorganisms.
Sterile, unsterile, airborne
_____ flow in the direction of _____ .
Fluids, gravity
_____ that passes through a _____ object draws microorganisms from _____ surfaces above or below to the _____ surface by ______ action.
Moisture, sterile, unsterile, sterile, capillary
The skin _____ ne sterilized and is considered ______ .
cannot, unsterile
_____, _____,and _____ are essential qualities in maintaining surgical asepsis.
Conscientiousness, alertness, honesty
What is the first step in setting up a sterile field?
Check the expiration dates on the sterile packages.
What is the purpose of placing a sterile, wrapped package so that the top flap opens away from you?
it prevents you from subsequently reaching directly over the exposed sterile contents, which could contaminate them.
Performing sterile procedures ______ be delegated to unlicensed assistive personnel.
may not
An _____ is an invasion of body tissues by microorganisms/______ agents.
infection, infectious
_____ is an altered state of function of normal tissue.
_____ is the ability of microorganisms to produce disease.
_____ is the state in which pathogens can be transmitted.
An _____ pathogen causes disease in some susceptible individuals but not everyone.
_____ is freedom from disease causing microorganisms.
Which type of pathogen is the hardest to destroy and causes "Mad Cow Disease"
What does MRSA stand for.
Methicilin Resistant Staphlococcus Aureus
To be effective a mask must cover both the _____ and the _____.
mouth and nose.