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How many lobules can a normal breast have?
12-24 lobules
What causes "dimpling" of the skin on the breast?
Fibrosis and shortening of Cooper's ligaments, which extend from the pectoralis fascia to the skin
What is the most useful and reliable indicator of prognosis in breast cancer
axillary lymph node metastases
What does tumor involvement of the supraclavicular, interpectoral, and contralateral axillary nodes indicate?
Widespread disease beacuse these nodes are not within the primary drainage pathways of the breast
What type of glands make up the breast?
Modified apocrine gland
Thickening or edema, enlarged pores, indicative of obstructed lymphatics that is present in carcinoma
peau d’orange
Name some nipple presentations that may indicate an underlying tumor
Nipple retraction
A scaly, eczema-like erosion of the nipple, which is a malignant condition and is usually unilateral
Paget’s disease
How does intraductal papilloma present?
bloody secretion
What is Tamoxifen?
selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) which is used in breast cancer treatment
Name some drugs used for treating breast cancer
A firm, smooth, round, well defined, and extremely movable breast mass
What is the treament of fibroadenomas?
complete surgical excision
What is the most common lesion affecting the female breast?
Fibrocystic disease
irregular fibrous rubbery tissue in some areas and distinct cystic feeling in other areas are indicative of this condition
Fibrocystic disease
Clear, straw-colored, or greenish drainage from the nipple suggests?
fibrocystic disease
Spontaneous, bloody unilateral nipple discharge is most commonly caused by?
Intraductal papillomas
How often should women 20-40 yrs old have a breast exam?
Every 3 years
Two types of breast cancers
Ductal (90% of cancers)
What is removed in a radical mastectomy?
the breast
pectoralis major
pectoralis minor
lymph nodes of the axilla
What is removed in a simple mastectomy
the entire breast tissue is removed, but axillary contents are undisturbed
What is removed in a modified radical mastectomy?
The entire breast tissue is removed along with the axillary contents (fatty tissue and lymph nodes).