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treatment for intermittent claudication
aspirin and exercise
what does a black widow spider bite cause?
abdominal rigidity and muscle cramps
treatment for black widow spider bite
calcium gluconate
type of spider bite that causes deep ulcer
brown recluse spider
knee gives out - what ligament torn?
most sensitive test for determining acl tear
lachman's test
treatment for pt with pulsatile abdominal mass and hypotension
directly to OR
treatment for humeral fracture
closed reduction and immobilize arm
left pleural effusion and subcutaneous emphysema
esophageal rupture
treatment for esophageal rupture
total loss of motor function below lesion, loss of pain/temp sense, intact proprioception
anterior cord syndrome
burst fracture of vertebra often causes what?
anterior cord syndrome
treatment for gunshot wound
leading cause of death in burn patients
ulcer on lateral side of foot
ulcer on medial side of foot
venous insufficency
treatment for intertrochanteric fx
ORIF with sliding screw and plate with early immobilization
one cortex broken with opposite cortex and periosteum intact
greenstick fx
painless bloody stools in kid
meckel's diverticulum
test to order for suspected meckel's
technetium pertechnetate scintigraphy
DVT prophylaxis for high-risk ortho pt
coumadin or lovenox
repair artery, bone, nerve in what order
bone, artery, nerve
most common complications of scaphoid fx
nonunion and avn
bracing if what degree of scoliosis at dx? surgery?
30, 40
rx for anterior cord syndrome
iv steroids
if collapsed veins and need iv access?
saphenous vein cutdown or percutaneous femoral vein catheterization; interosseus if kids
treatment for duodenal hematoma
NG and TPN
treatment for scfe
external fixation of hip joint with screws
treatment for femoral shaft fx
closed intramedullary fixation of shaft
proximal 1/3 of ulna fx with anterior dislocation of radial head
monteggia fx
tx for monteggia and galeazzi fractures
radial shaft fx and disruption of distal radioulnar joint
galeazzi fx
tx for anterior urethral injury
immediate surgical repair
tx for posterior urethral injury
suprapubic catheter and delayed repair
complication of compartment syndrome
volkmann's ischemic contracture (dead muscle replaced with fibrous tissue)
next step in pt >35 with breast mass
tx for femoral fx with displacement
test to confirm developmental hip dysplasia
rhinorrhea, black eyes, ecchymoses behind ears, otorrhea
basilar skull fracture
management for pt with cardiac contusion
continuous ekg
ludwig's angina
infection of sublingual/submaxillary glands from infected tooth
hyperextension injury esp in elderly pts iwth spondylosis
central cord syndrome (upper> lower ext weakness)
appy sx >5 days with RLQ findings - tx?
IV hydration, cefotetan, NPO
findings in fat embolism
resp distress, petechial rash, subconjuctival hemorrhage, tachypnea, tachycardia, fever
cause of oxalate stones
excessive gi absorption of oxalate
kidney stones in pts with IBD, small bowel resection, malabsorption
oxalate stones
kidney stones in pts with gout, myeloproliferative disorders, diarrhea
uric acid
painful swelling and osteolytic lesions with periosteal reaction
indications for surgical washout of joint
+ gram stain/culture, glucose <35, >75% PMNs, >50,000 WBCs