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father of modern medicine
physician in ancient Rome who wrote medican surgical tristese
Persian physician who authored the Canon on medical & surgical practices
Physician & Alchemist who questioned old beliefs & advanced surgery, medicine & chemistry during the Renaissance
French battlefield surgeon who proposed using ligatures & invented surgical instruments
Ambrose Pare'
Renaissance physician famous for his textbook on anatomy
Andreas Vesaluis
English physician who discovered the true circulation of blood
William Harvey
Founder of the study of histology & biological microscopy
Marcello Malpighi
Refined & developed the microscope & lens
Antony von Leeuwenhoek
physician who advanced the study of surgical pathology
John Hunter
physician who invented the smallpox vaccine
Edward Jenner
Napoleon's battlefield surgeon who invented the flying ambulance
Dominique-Jean Larrey
physician from Kentucky who performed the first successful open procedure
Ephrim McDowell
surgeon's assistant who suggested nitrous oxide for a surgical anesthetic
Humphry Davy
dentist who used nitrous oxide in his practice
Horace Wells
physician who used ether as an anesthetic
Crawford Long
dentist who used ether-did first operation with ether narcosis that was publicized
William Morton
french chemist who promoted field of bacteriology
Louis Pasteur
advanced asepsis by advocating handwashing in th OR & using carbolic acid on wounds
Joseph Lister
work in microbiology helped to identify wound bacteria
Robert Koch
discovered x-rays
Wilhelm Roentgen
popularized the use of surgical gloves, fresh gowns 7 surgical caps & invented the mosquito clamp
William Halsted
pioneered neurosurgery
Harvey Cushing
discovered penicillin
Sir Alexander Fleming
invented polio vaccine
Jonas Salk