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combat ready ships to the fleet---supply with leadership, manpower, equipment, training, and material---achieve operational excellence---conduct promt, sustained combat ops to endsure victory
Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO)
surface ops board, inspect, and seize vessels---if smuggling, piracy, terrorism, or sanction violations
CONUDCTED - boarding teams of ship's crew
SUPPORTED - embarked aircraft (SH-60B) and CG Law Enforcement Detachments
Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS)
to support ground forces ashore
5 in/54 cal or 5 in/62 cal dual purpose gun
new tech--Extended Range Guided Munitions and cargo rounds to carry bomblets
Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)
*layered defense of aircraft, surface ships, and friendly submarines
*use bow mounted sonar (active and passive), Tactical Towed Array Sonar, Mk46/Mk50 torpedoes, SH-60B, and Vertically Launched Anti-Submarine Rockets
Anti-Air Warfare (AAW)
*defnds friendly units relying on layered defense
*detection and tracking devices like AEGIS combat system and SPY-1D radar find threat
*Standard Missile (SM-2/3)is primary weapon, others include RIM-7P Sparrow, the Close In Weapon System (CIWS), and Rolling Airframe MIssile (RAM)
Anti-Surface Warfare (ASUW)
*against enemy surface forces for sea control/denial
*warning systems: shore/ship-based fixed-wing aircraft, ship-borne helicopters, or ships' sensors
*weapons: Harpoon, SM-2/3, 5 in/54 and 62 cal
Theatre Air and Missile Defense (TAMD)
*main goal is to defend friendly forces
*protection via evolved, long-ranged Standard Missiles and reconifgured SPY-1 radar system
Strike Warfare (STW)
*deliver precision ordinance, thus lower chance of losing aircraft and pilot losses
*accuracy accomplished with 5 in/62 cal, ERGM, and cargo rounds
Command and Control Warfare (C2W)
*units deployed undersea with real-time communication
*Command superiority - gathering, processing, and disseminationg info
*done by operational security (OPSEC), operational deception (OPDEC), psychological operations (PSYOP), electronic warfare (EW), and physical desctruction
*DDG-51 Arleigh Burke class destroyer
*angled superstructure, radar absorbent and reflective material (PCMS), and reduced emissions
*make it more difficult to be seen by radar
*gas turbine or steam plants--allow vessel to refuel at sea
*6000 natuical miles at 20 knots
*gun mounts, cruise missiles, surface to air missiles, self-defense weapons, and surface-to-surface missiles
*navy acts as potential deterrent to potential enemies
*can arrive quickly and remain indefinitely
*reminds to enforce international law
*employ several means of communication to effectively execute the mission
*two main means: LINK 4A, LINK 11, and LINK 16 (data transmissions) and Satellite COMMS, HF, UHF, and EHF (voice transmissions)
*three new combatant ships - destroyer, cruiser, and smaller craft for littoral operations
*destroyer is a follon-on to Arleigh Burke
*CGX will replace CG-47
5 in/62 cal and Extended Range Guided Munitions (ERGM)
*new projectile that fires EX 171 rounds
*major part of Navy's littoral warfare concept
*ERGM has increased range with precision GPS/INS guidance which provides fire support to Marines ashore