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Three parts of the sternum
xiphoid process
Where is femoral Artery?
Inguinal groove
Femoral Epicondyles
slide your hand down the thigh
towards the knee & find the
widest point on the distal femur
Adductor Tubercle
superior surface of medial epicondyle
it is the spine-like structure
(small projection)
Femoral condyles
flex knee, feel for rounded knobs near sides of the patella
(medial & lateral)
Tibial Tuberosity
below patella - raised area on
anterior tibia
fibular Head
lateral lower leg near knee joint
knee cap
locate near ASIS
"almost cross lege to define muscle"
Rectus Femorus
Big muscle
Anterior Thigh
Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL)
Abduct hip and feel near front side
Biceps Femoris,
Posterior popliteal crease
BF - most lateral "cord"
ST - medial "cord"
SM - medial to ST "more ropy"
Gluteus Medius
find TFL and go back a little`
Adductor Longus
cord to the crotch
Adductor Magnus
terminates at adductor tubercle
locate near knee,
just medial to
Medial & Lateral
Colateral Ligaments
locate knee joint space
Vastus Lateralis
Vastus Medialis
lateral & medial thigh
Talus, Calcaneus,
Navicular, Cuboid, Cuneiforms
Talus - top bone of foot
Calcaneus - heel
Navicular - medial
cuboid - lateral
cuneiforms - distal to navicular
Tibialis anterior
front of lower leg
Extendor digitorum longus
wiggle your toes
tendons on top of foot
Extensor Hallucis Longus
tendon to big toe
(on top)
Peroneus longus & brevis
evert foot strongly
tendons pass over
lateral malleolus
muscle below and to side of gastroc,
especially medial
Flexor Digitorum Longus
beneath medial malleolus
flex & extend toes
Tibialis posterior
plantar flexoin & inversion
passes over medial malleolus
Flexor Hallucis Longus
bottom of foot
near arch
Extensor Digitorum Brevis
roundish lump on lateral side of
dorsum of foot
Tibeal Nerve
posterior to medial malleolus
Femoral Artery
Inguinal groove
Popliteal Artery
middle of popliteal crease
Posterior Tibial Artery
Posterior to medial malleolus
Dorsalis Pedi Artery
pulse where talus is