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The Sciatic Nerve innervates what?
Posterior Thigh
What is the largest nerve in the body?
Sciatic Nerve
What does the Fermoral Nerve innervate?
Anterior Hip (quadriceps, pectineus, and iliopsoas)

and Thigh
The Obturator Nerves innervates what?
Medial Hip, all medial adductors of the hip
The Tibial Nerve innervates what?
Poster Leg
The gluteal nerves innervate what?
Posterior Hip (three glutei) and

Tensor Fasciae Latae
The sciatic nerve is actually a combination of what two nerves?
Common peroneal and the tibial nerves after it reaches the knee

Sciatic Nerve also innervates the hamstrings

Hamstrings and Posterior thigh
Where is the Tibial Nerve located?
Posterior to medial malleous
What does the Deep Peroneal Nerve innervate?
Anterior Leg and foot
What does the Superficial Peroneal Nerve innervate?
Peroneal muscles of the LATERAL leg
Common Peroneal nerves splits into what two nerves?
Deep Peroneal nerve
Superficial Peroneal nerve
Where is the Femoral Artery located?
Begins at the anterior hip (leg crease) and runs down the medial leg.

Locate at the greater trochanter on anterior surface of the hip
Where is the popliteal artery?
Slightly medial to the midline, is the continuation of the femoral artery at the posterior knee.
The Posterior Tibial artery is a continuation of what artery?
The popliteal artery distal to the knee
Where is the dorsalis Pedis Artery located?
On top of foot
Where is the Great Saphenous Vein?
Starts at the medial malleous to inside of knee to groin
Where are the Digital Veins and Dorsal Venous Arch?
On top of foot
Where is the posterior tibial artery located?
Posterior to the medial malleous.