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What is the term for the belief that judges should play a minimal role in policymaking?
Judicial Restraint
This term emphasizes that the courts may alleviate pressing needs for those who are weak politically or economically when left unmet by the majoritarian political process.
Judical Activism
What has been the most liberal court of the modern era by shaping public policy in areas of desegregation and the rights of the accused?
Warren Court
How have senators dominated the selection of judges for the federal district courts?
Senatorial Courtesy
What is the name for briefs that may be submitted to the S.C. by interest groups to try to influence the court?
amicus curiae briefs
What is the concept called in which S.C. justices try to base decisions on trying to interpret the intent of the framers?
original intent
What court although more conservative than the Warren Court, did legalize abortion in Roe vs. Wade?
Warren Burger Court
What is the name of the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court and who appointed her?
Sandra Day O'Connor and Ronald Reagan
What is the name of the first African American nominated for the court?
Thurgood Marshall
What recently deceased chief justice slowly chipped away at liberal decisions?
Wm. Rehnquist