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Gitlow vs. NY
known as the incorporation doctrine
McCulloch vs. Maryland
the "Bank of the U.S" national supremecy was decided
Actor-Macally Callkine has lots of money
Plessy vs. Ferguson
"separate but equal" ruling established
got on train black in back and white in front
Brown vs. Board
overturned Plessy vs. Ferguson
equal protection clause made
girl wanted to go to neighborhood school-couldn't
U.S. vs. Nixon
limited executive privilege (didn't shield pres. to having to appear before court)
Watergate scandal-thought it was nixon and he had tape recordings but wouldn't let them see them
Engle vs. Vitale
decided it violated the 1st amend.
state sponsered program of prayers in pub. school
making kids say pray in school - parents said no
Miranda vs. Arizona
Miranda rights - have to be told their legal rights while under arrest
right to remain silent, everything you say or do could be used against you in court of law, right to attorney if needed
schenck vs. U.S.
created a precedent that 1st amendment rights weren't absolute (speech cant be punished unless a clear danger)
cant yell i have a bomb at an airport even with free speech (also schenck-shreak)
Marbury vs. Madison
established "judicial review" as a power of the supreme court
judges look over
Gregg vs. Georgia
decided the death penalty didnt violate constitution (made it legal)