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'seperate but equal' segregation for schools is WRONG
brown vs. board of education, board won
14th amendment, due process clause, state had right to preserve life of 'vegetative state' young woman
cruzan vs. missouri, state won
5th amendment, individual rights. slave considered property even if on free soil
dred scott vs. stanford, stanfor won
1st amendment, establishment clause. prayer in school, court found districts actions unconstitutional
engel vs. vitale
6th amendment, right to counsel. man was not given counsel and won, allowed to be retried with a lawyer.
gideon vs. wainwright
established judicial review as a power of the supreme court
marbury vs. madison
the right to be given knowledge of full legal rights
miranda vs. arizona
4th and 14th amendments. changed probable cause and warrant to reasonable suspicion for school searches
NJ vs. TLO
1st amendment, freedom of the press. limited "prior restraint" of the press.
New York Times vs. USA
14th amendmentm equal protection clause.
segregated public facilites were permitted. later overturned.
plessy vs. ferguson
allows abortion and the women's right to chose
roe vs. wade
1st amendment, freedom of speech. man arrested for violations of espionage act. he lost, and that made 1st amendment guarantees not absolute.
Schenk vs. USA
man not awarded scholarship because he wasn't a certain race, but still eligable. won...?
ucall vs. bacche
1st female justice
Sandra Day O'Conner
1st african american justice
Thurgood Marshall
2nd female justice
ruth bader ginsberg
2nd african american
clarence thomas
chief justice 1954-1969
earl warren
power to declare a law from congress or president's actions unconstitutional
judicial review
judicial restraint
laws interpreted with changing times
article 1, section 8. supreme court has power to overrule state courts/laws,
mccullough vs. maryland