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Q2-1. Before you attempt to repair a bent of broken
frame, you should first consult which of the
following resources
The appropriate technical manuals
Q2-2. What is the preferred method of installing a
new member in a frame that has been badly
Use hot rivets to join the two pieces
Q2-3. What are the two types of axles used on SE?
. Driving and nondriving
Q2-4. How are drive axles secured to an item of
. They are encased in a housing
Q2-5. Ensuring grease is forced between the rollers
of a wheel bearing is a very important step to
prevent the bearing from overheating.
. True
Q2-6. Because they cannot absorb shock rapidly
and they return to their normal position
slowly, what component is used to assist the
springs of a suspension system?
Shock absorbers
Q2-7. The two types of springs used on SE are coil
and leaf springs?
1. True
Q2-8. Most shock absorbers are operated by which
of the following methods?
They are hydraulically operated
Q2-10. The pitman arm connects the steering
gearbox to which of the following
3. The connecting rod
Q2-11. What are the principal parts of a steering
gear unit?
1. The worm gear and sector
Q2-12. Which of the following conditions can cause
excessive play in the steering system?
2. Improper adjustment of the steering
Q2-13. Front-end geometry does NOT include which
of the following terms?
3. Pinion tilt
Q2-14. Which of the following statements best
describes wheel caster?
14. The number of degrees the steering
knuckle is tilted to the rear or front
Q2-16. A disc brake assembly consists of a metal disc
and which of the following components?
1. A caliper
Q2-17. What is the main advantage of bonding a
brake pad to the brake shoe?
4. Bonding allows the pad to be worn thin
without scarring the drum