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What is the purpose of a clothing allownace?
To maintain the serviceability of your military clothing or its replacement.
Who is responsible for supply economy?
What are we trying to accomplish with supply economy?
Save our resources, and eliminate costly waste of our tax dollars.
Name ways you can help with supply economy?
Turn off lights when not in use, don't leave water running or leaking, don't leave vehicles running while parked.
In reference to military clothing, what does initial issue mean to you?
Complete issue of all personal military clothing when you first entered into the Army.
What agency gives you payroll deductible laundry service?
Quartermaster laundry.
What should each man do with his personal and military clothing, prior to going on leave, if he does not plan on taking it with him?
Turn it in to the unit supply room for safekeeping.
What are expendable supplies?
Any supplies that are consumed on use.
What are some of the classes of supply?
Class I- Rations
Class II-Clothing and equipment
Class III-Fuels and lubricants
Class IV-Fortification material
Class V- Ammunition
How many organizational sleeve insignia should be issued to each newly assigned man?
One for each uniform issued.
When a man signs his clothing record, what column should he check prior to signing?
The balance column above his signature.
What is the first thing you do prior to signing a hand-receipt?
Inspect the equipment for accountability and serviceability.
How many days does it take to initiate a report of survey?
What is the form number of a permanent hand receipt?
DA Form 2062.