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What are the 11 divisions in supply?
S-1: Stock control
S-2: Food service
S-3: Ship services
S-4: Disbursing
S-5: Wardroom
S-6: Aviation supply
S-8: Matrial division
S-9: Hazmat
S-10: QA/DC
S-11: CPO mess
S-12: Post office
What is COSOL?
a technical and supply management socument designed to enable ships to achieve maximum operating capability.
What are teh two primary purposes of COSOL?
To identify repair parts and to determine storeroom allowances.
What does COSAL stand for?
Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List
What is the key word in COSOL?
What does COSOL NOT include?
Ship's store stocks, resale clothing, susistence items, expendable ordanance, recreational equipment, hydrographic charts, medical material, printing equipment, bulk fuels, lubricants, repair parts for aircrafts
What is the WSF?
Weapons System File
What does the WSF maintain?
A duplication of every ship's COSOL
Where is the master record of all ships kept?
SPCC Mechanicsburg
What does SIM stand for?
Selected Item Management
What are teh three categorys under SIM?
SIM (item ordered 2 or more
times in last 6 months)
SIM-DTO (item that means SIM
criteria but is not stocked
by the supply department)
NON-SIM (item not carried due
to it does not meet the SIM
What does DTO stand for?
Direct Turn-Over
What is RIP?
Remain In Place
What is MOV?
Material Obligation Validation
What are the 5 status codes used for MOV?
BB-back ordered
BC-being prepared for shipment
BD-being delayed
BP-past from onto another
BV-procured for direct
Material obligation, stock dues or direct turnover, are considered overage for validatoin when priorities 01-08 requisitions are outstanding for more than how many days?
30 days
What does DLR stand for?
Depot Level Repairable
DLR items are listed and identified by what three elements?
COG symbol
Material Control Codes (MCC)
What does NSN stand for?
National stock number
Name the MCC codes used to identify DLR items.
When ordering DLR what is required?
One-for-one exchange basis
Name 2 categories DLR issuance falls into.
Turn-in, RIP (remain in place)
What does MAMS stand for?
Maintenance Assist Modules
What are MAMS?
Test modules to execute an approved maintenance plan
How often is MAM inventory required?
What does BAMS stand for?
Battle Group Asset Management System
What does OPTAR stand for?
Operating Target
What is the form name of the requisition/OPTAR log?
NAVCOMPT form 2155
Who is overall responsible for OPTAR?
How many parts is OPTAR divided into? Name them.
2 parts; EMRM, other
What does EMRM stand for?
Equipment Maintenance Related Material
What does CRAMSI stand for?
Consolidated Residual Asset Management System Inventory
What does DRMO stand for?
Defense Reutilization Marketing Office
What are the three categoreis of DRMO?
Scrap and waste, inventory, non-inventory
What form is used to report erroneous discrepanceies?
ROD standard form 364
What does PD stand for?
Priority Designator
What is the highest range of PR?
What is the lowest range of PR?
What does UMMIPS stand for?
Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System
What manual details how fleet freight/cargo and main message are submitted requesting supplies from a combat logistic force unit?
The Consolidated Afloat Requisition Guide Overseas (CARGO) NAVSUP P-4998
What are the purposes of the ships stores afloat?
Provide a convenient and relieable source to obtain articles considered necessary for health, comfort, or convenience. Provide services necessary in day-to-day living. Source of funds for MWR. Promotes goog morale.
What is rations-in-kind?
Meals furnished to enlisted personnel from the general mess at government expense.
What are the three categories under which personnel fall when recording meal consumption?
Basic daily food allowance (BDFA), aupplemental food allowance, special food allowance
What is the BDFA for JFK?
What is the principle food service report?
NAVSUP form 1358
When is the food service report submitted?
At teh end of each quarterly accounting period
Where is teh original food service report forwarded?
To the navy food service system office (NAVFSSO)
When is it forwarded?
By the 10th day following the end of the accounting period
What is the record of receipts and expenditures form?
NAVSUP form 367
What is the general mess rations and sales report?
NAVSUP form 1357
What are special-use combat meals?
Individually packaged rations, LRP, MRE
What are geneal-use combat meals?
Regular general mess meals prepared from on-hand stocks
Who is the SUPPO?
CDR Fallon
Who is the A-SUPPO?
LCDR Parker