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What is the objective of the military personnel classification system?
Identify duties and tasks for every position to accomplish the AF mission
What reference lists enlisted AFS qualifications?
AFMAN 36-2108
What programs blend specialty training with academic pursuits to enable or enhance career progression?
CDCs, advanced through the progression of skill levels, OJT, education provided through the CCAF
What does a career path show for a given AFS?
How career advancement is achieved through the progression of skill levels (presented by AFSCs, grade, and professional military education)
What skill level is used to identify airmen initially classified into a specialty?
Helper (1 level)
What does the wholesale logistics program provide?
An opportunity for supply NCOs, in AFSC 2S071, to gain some experience at teh supply wholesale level
Selection for the wholesale logistics program is based on what?
The individual's volunteer status, qualifications, and career data
Name the six functional flights that make up a typical LRS
Distribution, readiness, management and systems, traffic management, vehicle management, and fuels
What flight is the single wing authority for receiving, storing, and shipping DOD supplies and equipment?
Materiel management flight
What are decentralized support centers designed to provide?
Direct support to maintenance organizations (particularly aircraft maintenance)
What flight is the wing OPR for plans, WRM, deployment management training and execution, base/expeditionary support planning, sustainment, redeployment, mobility bags/small arms weapons, wing support agreements management, and logistics command and control?
Readiness flight
What had the AF hoped to accomplish when it implemented the Air Force contingency supply support during desert storm?
A communication link from all deployed units to a central system that could prioritize requirements and support all wartime tasksings of any given unit and act as the authoritative focal point with sources of supply
Describe the primary focus of RSS
The primary focus of RSS is on sustaining weapon systems,, but it also sustains the base operating support infrastructure. Key to the RSS is that is brings a fleet-wide perspective for supply requirements vs. unit perspective to optimize readiness and combat capability
What supply chain management functions are performed by wholesale level sources?
Determining inter-service requirements, procuring and cataloging items, distributing serviceable property, and disposing of certain unserviceable items
What agency supplies almost every consumable item America's military servies need to operate
What three primary functions are performed by each ALC
procurement, materiel management, and mainteance
GSA is known for supporting all government agencies for what products?
General housekeeping and administrative supplies
Organizations may use the GPC to purchase what type items and up to what dollar amount?
Authorized supplies, equipment, and nonpersonal servies up to $2,500
Who approves the individuals to use the GPC
Your Squadron resource advisor
How does AFMAN 23-110 establish a uniform system of stock control throughout the Air Force
By prescribing standardized procedures for the rquisition, purchase, receipt, storage, stock control, issue, shipment disposition, identification of and accounting for supplies by AF organizations
List the three methods used to navigate your way through AFMAN 23-110.
Table of Contents, hyperlinks, search and find tools.
What is the difference between the SEARCH tool and teh FIND tool?
The SEARCH tool locates all documents in AFMAN 23-110 that contain your selected text; whereas, the FIND tool limits its search to the document you currently have open
What does the SUMMARY OF CHANGES provide?
A quick reference list of signifcant updates that were made since the last publication of AFMAN 23-110.
What is one of the most versatile tools used to obtain information in teh Supply computer?
The file interrogation system.
What does line one of an inquiry show?
Input image.
When processing an inquiry, on what does print positions of data depend?
The record retrieval code of the input.
What must be entered in the releveling flag field of the item record retreival input to request the requirements computation of a given stock number?
Releveling flag R
What are the three inquiry input formats that can be selected when processing a CTH inquiry?
Stock number, transaction serial number, or batch miscellaneous option
What inquiry input format allows you to select CTH records using multiple options and produces a printed report?
The batch miscellaneous option inquiry
What occurs when incorrect data causes the computer to reject the input?
The program stops and the reject program takes control of SBSS processing. At this point, data base records are restored to their original condition and a reject notice is printed to advise you that certain condition exist and that action is required to correct the condition.
What elements comprise the reject phrase?
A reject code, a descriptive phrase, and an action flag.
What is done first upon receipt of a reject?
Ensure that you've input the data correctly.
Who appoints reject monitors to manage rejects within the area?
Flight Chiefs
Where do rejects appear when not reprocessed ont eh same day they occur
Cumulative Reject Listing, D818
What should be analyzed periodically to determine the effectiveness of transaction processing?
Type of rejects incurred, timeliness of processing, volume, and reasons for force deletion processing
How do management notices differ from rejects?
Management notices do not stop computer processing.
What is the Automated Data Reports Submission System?
The system that sends and receives data on base.
What provides an important link between the SBSS and ADRSS?
What is the primary role of SIFS
Dispatch incoming and outgoing dta images for reach supply account
What do the SIFS control records store?
Dispatch information for TRIC used in SBSS
When should SIFS user files be used?
When users want to hold images to beinput at a later date or users want to use the images as input data into another program
What are SIFS residue files designed to ensure
That any inbounch or outbound that could not be identified dispatched are cleared in a timely manner.
What is the primary purpses of a support agreement?
To formally identfy the specific fuctions and related resonsibilities performed by teh supplier and receiver
A support agreement is prepared on what form?
DD Form 1144, Support Agreement
How are the receiver's mission essential needs determined?
By the receiver's precedence rating and availability of funds.
How are the receiver's mission essential needs determined?
By the receiver's precedence rating and availability of funds.
Who has the responsibility for reproducing completed copies of support agreements?
The supplier
By what time should the triennial review of each support agreements be completed?
By the agreement's anniverssary date
How far in advance must he host major command be notified that support is required?
One year in advance of the actual date the support is required.
When problems develop between the supplier and receiver, to whom are they forwarded for resolution?
To the parent major commands.
When do MAJCOMs develop major command-level support agreements?
When a major command supports more than one receiver unit of the same type and command (or multiple types of units) with similar support requirements.
Who is responsible for submitting, controlling, and monitoring DIREPs?
What category DIREP is normally corrected immediately?
Category I - Major Imapct.
What must you do before conducting a surveillance visit?
Thoroughly research the applicable directives that pertain to the function you are going to visit.
While conducting a surveillance visit, you discover operating procedures that are in error. What action do you take?
Provide temporary guidance and initiate recommended changes to higher headquarters or develop a local supplement.
Why is the review of management products coordianted with the analysis unit?
To avoid duplication in identifying problems and training requirements.
Your unit has just had a surveillance visit and received two write-ups. The inspector discussed teh discrepancies with your supervisor. When can your unit expect a report on the two discrepancies?
Within five workdays after the exit briefing.
Within what timerame are the replies to a sruveillance report furnished?
within 15 days of the date of the report.
How long should a special interest item last?
Normally not longer than six months.
Why is it necessary to analyze information before passing it to the accountable officer?
without selection and analysis, all that would be passed to the accountable officer is a meaningless strea of raw data.
What four elements are included in the analysis program?
Development, selection, analysis, and presentation.
List the three methods of analysis.
Trend, problem, and special studies.
What are the two types of data used in trend analysis?
Experience data and standards data.
What is a secular trend?
A steady increase or decrease over a period of time.
What is defined as a predictable, regularly occuring fluctuation experienced every 12 months?
Seasonal variation.
What is defined as a predictable, regularly occuring fluctuation over a longer or shorter period than 12 months?
Cyclical movement
What is a residual variation?
An unpredictable, random occurence.
What types of variations are usually predictable?
Seasonal and cyclical.
What type of analysis uses a logical method to break down a problem into parts to examine the nature, proportions, functions, and relationships of these parts to the overall process?
Problem analysis
What type of analysis is normally used for a close review of a specific activity to determine if there are any problems or potential problems?
Sepcial Study.
What are the primary instruments of data collection for analysis?
The internal records and reports provided by the SBSS.
What is one of the most sophisticated and versatile tools available to obtain file information?
The file interrogation system (inquiries).
What are the different types of SBSS reports available?
Daily, monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual, as-required, and special purpose/utility.
when conducting analysis, how is collected data used to identify deficiences that may exist?
This is done by taking the data and determining if any areas deviate from teh norm or accepted standard.
What must be known when conducting a continuing analysis?
Specifically what to look for in certain reports and listings.
What indicator may become unfavorable when MACRs are set too low?
Stockage effectiveness.
What indicator may become unfavorable when weekly walk-throughs are not accomplished and assets are not red flagged when they fall at or below the 50 percent mark?
Bench stock effectiveness.
What indicator may become unfavorable when MASS is not being fully utilized, or MICAP cause codes are not reviewed?
MICAP support.
How is the SMAG designed to operate?
On a no profit/no loss basis
Why are items financed from SMAG known as expense items?
Becuase they are paid for by the organization that uses them at time of issue.
Who authorizes the Secretary of Defense to establish working captial funds in the Department of Defense to finance inventories?
How many divisions make up the AF SMAG?
What type materiel is financed under teh MSD?
AF centrally-procured expense and investment items with a budget code 8 and ERRC desginator XB3, XF3, and XD2.
Explain what is meant by "vertical" SMAG.
Meaning that it operates at both wholesale (depot) and retail (base) levels.
What materiel is under the supervision of the GSD?
All retail managed expense items (budget code 9), including DLA, GSA, other sesrvies stock funds, commercial vender items, lcoal purchases other than commercial vendor items, and local manufactureitems not included in another division of the SMAG.
What are teh AF SMAG division manager's primary responsibilities?
Complete control of inventories and use of total financial authority.
Who is in charge of the stock record account, and is also called the primary SMAG manager?
accountable officer.
Who is responsible for day-to-day management and analysis of the SMAG oerpating program within the SBSS?
Base SMAG manager.
Which management level approves/disapproves base-level forced credit turn-ins?
Base SMAG manager.
What is the primary SMAG manager responsible for?
Management of the GSD, MSD, and fuels SMAG inventories at base level.
Why was teh GSDTOP adopted?
To provide standardization to all the commands and their bases when developing operating and management programs.
What does the GSDTOP compare against the actual status of gross sales, credit returns, operating obligations and UCR program objectives?
MAJCOM approved totals.
At what point must the analysis of an operating program present a comprehensive assessment?
When there is a variance of plus or minus 5 percent, as previously sated, from the approved targets versus the actual accomplishment.
What is the primary tool for managing the GSD SMAG?
Describe how to calculate the UCR.
The UCR is the sum of operating obligations plus credit returns divided by gross sales.
What are the two SMAS inquiries available to SMAG managers?
Transaction History Inquiry and the General Ledger Inquiry.
What budget code is assigned to locally funded equipment items with a unit cost of $250,000 or more?
What management notice is produced after EMS has processed a request for a budget code Z item?
350 Management Notice.
Who does EMS forward the 350 Management notice to check the availability of funds?
SMAG manager.
What does a requirements buy priority depend on?
The customer's urgency of need and the impact statement on the equipment reuest.
What listing is used by the SMAG manager to monitor the status of budget code Z requistions?
How is the decision to give a customer credit for turn-in normally determined?
Automatically under program control.
What can be used to override SBSS credit determination?
A credit code in position 52 of the turn-in document.
What credit code is used to allow full credit regardless of the asset position?
Who must approve the use of credit code Y before processing?
The SMAG manager.
Who monitors the impact of program-generated non-reimbursable issues on the SMAG operating program?
The base SMAG manager
Where is initial GSD WRM (BC 9) obligation authority obtained?
MAJCOM Operation and maintenance offsets in the Program Objective memorandum process.
How are WRM funding requirements determined?
Current WRM shortfalls (authorized minus on-hand) and projections for new WRM authorizations generated through beddown changes, weapons system changes, or systems upgrades.
What does a CRA allow?
Government agencies, including the Air Force, to continue itts fiscal operations at minimum level for a specified period.
Describe the OBAD.
OBAD is the authorization for the base to finance the expense of O&M in support of the mission. The OBAD identifies a specific amount of funds ahtorized for the normal base O&M costs. The total amount is subdivided into BAs. It furnishes both annual planning figure and quarterly obligation authority.
During the execution phase of the budget process, what product is used to conduct Tri-Annual Reviews?
The open document listing.
What is the primary purpose in preparing a FinPlan?
To tell the people at higher levels not only howo much money you need to carry out your objectives, but also what you need it for.