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How Many pairs does the spinal n have
31 pairs
What does posterior primary rami separate into?
What does it supply?
medial and laterial cutaneous n.
post neck and trunk
What does anterior primary rami supply?
ant neck, trunk and limbs
Which rami has sensory and motor and which has only motor?
Primary posterior rami has only motor
Primary ant rami has motor and sensory
which rami separate into :
medial and laterial cutaneous n.
post neck and trunk
posterior primary rami
what does anterior rami split into?
lat, and ant cutaneous n.
where did the lat and ant cutaneous n came from?
anterior primary rami
the trap and rhomboids working together perform what action?
what muscles working with trap to retract
what muscle wworking with trapezius to elevate
levator scapulae
what muscle with trap rotates the scapula counterclockwise?
serratus anterior
what action of scapula occur when trap and serratus ant work together
rotates scapula counterclockwise
accessory n innervate this muscle
what artery supply the trap
superior branch of transverse cervical artery or superfical cervical artery
when scap and thoracic is fixed, what action can trap perform
pulls the head and neck lat
what muscles surrounds the triangle of auscultation
trap, lat, and med border of scapula
lumbar triangle is formed by
lat, iliac crest and external oblique m.
this space is often site of abdominal hernia
lumbar triangle
this space is formed by the following muscle: trap, lat, and med border of scapula
triangle of auscultation
the space is formed by lat, iliac crest and external ob. m
lumbar triangle
what makes the posterior axillary fold?
teres major, subscapularis and lat dorsi
this muscle of the back help rotates the scapula clockwise
levator scapulae
where does dorsal scapular branch artery coming from?
transverse cervical artery