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Identify the ORS definition of a "crime"
*A crime is an offense for which a sentence of imprisonment is authorized.
*A crime is either a felony or misdemeanor
Identify the primary functions of a "civil deputy"
*To serve and enforce orders, writs and notices issued by circuit court
*Take into cusstody adn escour to court hearings
*Serve civil process (evictions, seize property)
Identify the reasons why a telecommunicator confidentiality is an important factor
*Officer Safety
*Computer access
*Public records
Identify the indicators that a problem may exist at the scene (list 3)
*Voice changes
*Background noises
*Rate of speed talked
*Recognition of changes in officers habits and/or deviation from dept procedures
Identify the pieces of "safety" information that should be gathered and related to responding units if possible
*Premise history
*Hazardous materials
*Wires down
ABC's for radio dispatchers
Identify the different types of burgler alarms
*Door contacts
*Glass break detectors
*Screen detectors
*Photoelectric beams
Identify the elements neccessary to have a fire
*Chemical chain reactor
Define "staging"
A location where personnel and equipment are located, standing by ready for an assignment (usually located about 3 minutes from the emergency scene)
The incident commander has a command staff. Identify these positions.
*PIO (Public Information Officer)
*Safety Officer
*Liaison officer
Identify the three primary duties of fire service
*Prevention of fires
*Suppresion of fires
*Investigation of fires
(EMS calls - make up 80% of all calls)
Identify the defnition of exposure as it relates to fire fighting
An exposire can be a person or property that may be endangered by a fire, smoke or run-off water, hazardous material, smoke, etc
The Incident Command System has five major functional areas. Name them
Incident Command's function
Responsibile for overall management of the incident
Operations function
All activities which are directed toward the reduction of immediate hazard, establishing situation control and resporation of normal operations
Finance function
Responsibile for all financial matters related to teh incident
Plannings function
Responsible for the collection, evaluation and dissemination of tactical information about the incident
Logistics function
Responsible for providing all support needs to the incident
How long can a juvenile be detained by police w/o being charged or a parent claiming
5 hours
Circumstances an officer can take a child into custody
*Where the adult has been arrested
*The child's welfare is in jeopardy
Identify controllable vs uncontrollable job factors
*Attitude, training
*Mandatory overtime, shift work