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What is one of the advantages of using sulfamethoxazole ? is longer acting, so it can be administered less frequently = better compliance
-but greater risk of injury to the kidneys
You should NOT Rx sulfas to which populations ?
Pregnant women
-those with history of sensitivity to sulfas, loop diuretics and oral hypoglycemics
-babies < 2 months
When prescribing sulfas, especially sulfamethoxazole, teach patients to do what
drink at least 10 glasses of water a day
-sun protection (for photosensitivity)
Sulfas are also good for this manly condition ?
As an NP prescribing sulfas, you would need to monitor for ....
blood dysrasias (CBC, WBC)
What are the signs and symptoms of agranulocytosis ?
sore throat, fever, pallor
Sulfamethoxazole + Trimethoprim = ?
SMX + TMP = Bactrim, Cotrim and Septra
The antimicrobial effect of the combination of SMX and TMP is ???
SYNERGISTIC...the sum of the combination is greater than each one acting alone
What is another use of Bactrim, etc ?
they are the treatment of choice for pnuemonia caused by P.carnii..but lots of adverse effects
SMX/TMP is readily distributed to all body fluids/tissues including the CSF ?
TRUE...crosses BBB and placenta
Withhold this combination in the following populations..
pregnant women near term
-breastfeeding women
-those who are likely to be folate deficient (alcoholics, pg women, dehabilitated)
-those with history of sulfa sensisitivy
-babies < 2 months
Sulfonamides can intensify the effects of which drugs ?
warfarin, phenytoin, sulfonylurea type oral hypos
-reduce the dose