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Break the news
to announce sth
Cost an arm and a leg
very expensive
Dead-end jobs
the job which is useless and cannot lead to anything
Give one the creeps
feel disguisted or horrible
Give one an axe
to fire sth
let face it
to accept the reality
Lost ones temper
to become angry
to put up with
to endure without complaint
no point in doing sth
not worth of doing sth
Real flop
noun: failure
verb: to fail
to Save the day
to prevent disaster or misfortune
to go belly up
to bankrupt
as sharp as a tack
very intelligent
pay the top dollar
pay a lot of money
easier than done
more hard to do than expected
Hange in here
keep up and don't give up
Get canned
got fired
if worse comes to worst
in the worst cases
to keep one's chin up
to stay positive
last resort
the last solution
to live from hand to mouth
barely have enough money to survive
to look on the bright side
to be optimistic
to make ends meet
to be financially okay
out of work
right-hand man
most helpful assistant
to set eyes on
to see for the first time
to stab sb in the back
to betray someone
to be stressed out
very anxious
to tell off
to scold
thank goodness
I am grateful / relieved; so lucky to myself
to think big
to set a higher goal
what's the matter?
what's the problem?
when pigs fly!
never; impossible

eg I will give you my new laptop. When pigs fly!
beside the point
not important or not relevant