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what are some long term risk factors for suicide?
-previous suicide attempt
-higher socioeconomic status
-substance dependence
-chronic illness
-lack of social support
what are some accute risk factors for suicide?
-delusions of poverty or doom
-psychic anxiety
-anxious ruminations
what are the top three mental illnesses associated with suicide and what are their prevalences?
-borderline personality 5 to 18%
-schizo 10%
-affective disorders 15%
what are the risk factors for suicide among psychiatric patients?
-living alone
-recent attempt
-being unemployed/unmarried
-giving away personal property
-experiencing a recent loss
why do mentally ill people have an increased risk of violence?
-mental illnesses often alter the patient's perception of reality
-paranoia or delusions can lead the patient to engage in violent behavior
what is predatory violence?
-it is plannes
-there is stalking involved
what is affective violence?
-it is rooted in emotion
-it can be part of the fight or flight response
what does US common law state about violence?
-no person is responsible for the violence that a second person commits on another unless a special relationship exists btw persons 1 and 2.
-therapist patient relationship counts
what does the duty to protect law in ohio state?
-that any mental health proffessional whose patient makes explicit reference to intended harm against a clearly identifiable person, now becomes responsible for taking the proper steps to ensure said violence does not occur