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What is clasis
Break or fracture ie osteoclasis which means bone fracture
What is lysis
Separation, destruction, loosening ie enterolysis which means separation of intestine
What is centesis
puncture ie arthrocentesis which means puncture of a joint
What is ectomy
excision or removal ie appendectomy which is excision or removal of the appendex
What is stomy
forming an opening or mouth ie colostomy or opening into the colon from the outside
What is tome
Instrument to cut ie osteotome meaning instrument used to cut bone
What is tomy
Incision or cut into ie phlebotomy which means incision or cut into the vein
What is tripsy
crushing ie lithotripsy which means stone, calculus crushing
What is desis
Binding, fixation (of a bone or joint) ie arthrodesis which means binding of joint
What is pexy
Suspension, fixation (of a organ) ie mastopexy which means suspension or fixation of breast
What is rrhaphy
Suture ie myorrhaphy which means muscle suture
What is plasty
Surgical Repair ie rhinoplasy which means surgical repair of the nose
What is algia
pain ie cephalalgia which means head pain or headache
What is dynia
pain ie gastrodynia which means stomach pain or stomicache
What is cele
Hernia or swelling ie hepatocele which means swelling of the liver
What is ectasis
Dilation or expansion ie bronchiectasis which means dilation of the bronchi
What is emesis
vomiting ie hyperemesis which means excessive vomiting
What is emia
Blood condition ie leukemia which means white cell condition
What is gen
forming, producing, origin ie carcenogen which means cancer forming
What is genesis
forming, producing, origin ie osteogenesis which means bone forming or producing
What is gram
record, a writing ie cardiogram which means record of heart activity
What is graph
Instrument for recording ie cardiograph which is instrument for recording heart activity
What is graphy
Process of recording ie cardiography
What is iasis
Abnormal condition (produced by something specified) ie cholelithiasis which means chole(gall) lith(stone) iasis - cholelithiasis
What is itis
Inflammation ie gastritis which is inflammation of stomach
What is lith
Stone or calculus ie cholelith which means gall stone
What is logist
Specialist in the study of ie dermatologist which is specialist in the study of skin
What is logy
Study of ie psychologist which means study of mind
What is malacia
Softening ie osteomalacia which means softening of the bone
What is megaly
enlargement ie hepatomegaly which means enlargement of the liver
What is meter
instrument for measuring ie thermometer
What is metry
Act of measuring ie pelvimetry which means measuring the pelvis
What is oid
Resembling ie lipoid which means resembling fat
What is oma
Tumor ie adenoma or tumor of a gland
What is osis
Abnormal condition, increase (used primarily with blood cells) ie dermatosis which means abnormal condition of the skin or erythrocytosis which means increase in red(erythr) cell(cyt)
What is para when used as suffix
to bear (offspring) ie multipara which means bear many
What is paresis
Partial paralysis ie hemiparesis which means half paralyzed.
What is pathy
Disease ie neuropathy which means disease of the nerves.
What is penia
Decrease, deficiency ie leukopenia which means decrease of white cells
what is phagia
Eating, swallowing ie dysphagia which means difficulty in swallowing
What is phasia
Speech ie aphasia which means whithout speech
What is philia
Attraction to ie hemophilia which means attraction to blood
What is phobia
Fear ie claustrophobie which means fear of confined space
What is plasia
Formation, growth ie hyperplasia meaning excessive growth
What is plegia
Paralysis, stroke ie hemiplegia which means half paralysis
What is poiesis
formation, production ie hemopoiesis which means formation of blood
What is rrhage
Bursting forth ie hemorrhage
What is rrhagia
bursting forth ie menorrhagia which means bursting forth of menses
What is rrhea
Discharge, flow ie diarrhea
What is rrhexis
rupture ie angiorrhexis which means rupture of vessel
What is scope
Instrument for viewing or examine
What is scopy
visual examination ie proctoscopy which is examination of rectum or anus
What is spasm
involuntary contraction, twitching ie blepharospasm which means twitching of the eyelid
What is stasis
Standing still ie hemostasis
What is stenosis
Narrowing or stricture
What is toxic
poison ie thyrotoxic which means thyroid toxic
What is trophy
development, nourishment ie atrophy which means whithout development, nourishment
What is cephal/o
What is mast/o
What is phleb/o
What is colon/o
What is encephal/o
What is gastr/o
What is arthr/o
What is thorac/o
What is oste/o