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bike biking biked biker
poke poking poked poker
doze dozing dozed dozer
save saving saved saver
rake raking raked raker
baking and raking
baker raked
voting and hoping
voter hoped
taking and naming
take named
joking and poking
joker poked
dining and saving
diner saved
raking and leaping
raker leaped
moping and hating
moper hated
riding and dozing
rider dozed
moping mopping
raking racking
riding ridding
filing filling
hoping hopping
taping tapping
baking backing
liking licking
taking tacking
stoking stocking
pined pinned
taped tapped
baked backed
poked pocked
liked licked
hoped hopped
moped mopped
caned canned
diner dinner
hoper hopper
biker bicker
filer filler
baker backer
taker tacker
taper tapper
hoping diver
We are hoping to see a diver.
jogging runner
A jogging runner kicked a can.
baked liked
His baker liked baking cakes.
saved tasting
We saved lunch, tasting just a bit.
joker kidding
See the joker kidding and poking.
raked saved
Jan raked and saved five dimes.
landed backed
A jet landed fast and backed up.
hissed robber
Kitty hissed and bit the robber!
jogged napped
He jogged fast, and then napped.
baked licked
Gus baked, licked, gulped, and munched candy. He felt sick!