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-able, -ible
able to be; capable of being
intelligible, probable, inevitable
action or process
blockaed, escapade, parade
action or process
marriage, pilgrimmage, voyage
-al, -ial
of; like; relation to; suitable for
potential, musical, national
act; process; quality; state of being
tolerance, alliance, acceptance
one who
assistant, immigrant, merchant
of; like; relating to
customary, honorary, obituary
characteristic of, to become
officate, consecrate, activate
-cle, -icle
corpuscle, cubicle, particle
fact or state off being
diplomacy, privacy, relevancy
state or quality of
boredom, freedom, martyrdom
act or state of being
occurrence, conference
doing; having; showing
fraudulent, dependent, negligent
one who; that which
boxer, rancher, employer
place for; act, practice of
surgery, robbery
pictersque, statuesque
goddess, heiress, princess
full of
careful, fearful, joyful, thoughtful
relatig to; characteristic of
comic, historic, poetic, public
to make; to cause to be
modify, glorify, beautify, pacify
act, condition, or result of
calculation, action, confederation
of or belonging to; characterized by
tallish, amateurish, selfish
act, practice, or result of; example
barbarism, heroism, altruism
condition; state of being
integrity, sincerity, calamity, purity
of; relating to; belonging to; tending to
inquisitive, active, creative
make; cause to be; subject to
jeopardize, standardize, computerize
ageless, careless, thoughtless, tireless
islet, leaflet, owlet, rivulet, starlet
like; characteristic of
childlike, waiflike
study or theory of
bilogy, ecology, geology
daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
like; characteristic of
fatherly, queenly, deadly
in (a specified manner; to a specified extent)
officially, sincerely, kindly
action or process
development, government
state or quality of
amusement, amazement, predicament
product or thing
fragment, instrument, ornament
state or quality of being
kindness, abruptness, happiness
one who
actor, auditor, doctor, donor
having; full of; characterized by
riotous, courageous, advantageous
state or quality of being
censorship, ownership, governorship
like; tending to be
meddlesome, bothersome, noisome
state or quality of being
solitude, multitude, aptitude
characterized by
thrifty, jealousy, frequency, sticky