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Channels: HT, LIV

Properties: Salty, Cold

* Extinguishes wind & controls spasms & convulsions: childhood convulsion disorder, Clears heat so use for recalcitrant high fevers & internal movement of wind from intense heat. Important for treating internal movement of Liver wind

~ Calms the liver & anchors yang: ascendant Liver Yang

- Clears the Liver & improves vision: headache & red eyes from blazing liver fire.

- Drains heat & relieves fire toxicity: warm, febrile diseases with high fevers, delerium, manic behavior, & in extreme cases, loss of conciousness

C&C: None

Dosage: up to .5g

can substitute: Shui Niu Jiao
Ling Yang Jiao
Antelope Horn
Comu Antelopis Saiga-tatarici
Channels: HT, LIV

Properties: Sweet, Cool

*Extinguishes wind & alleviates spasms: Liver heat patterns with internal movement of Liver wind (tremors, seizures, & eclampsia

- Drains Liver heat & pacifies Liver yang: for Liver fire & ascendant Liver yang patterns (headache, irritability, red eyes, & dizziness. Also hypertension

C&C: None

Dosage: up to 15g
- add near end
Gou Teng
"Hook Vine"
Gambir Vine Stems and Thorns
Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis
Channels: LIV

Properties: Sweet, Neutral

* Calms the Liver, extinguishes wind, & controls spasms & tremors: important for treating internal movement of Liver wind either hot or cold. Headache, dizziness, childhoos convulsions, epilepsy, tonic-clonic spasms, opisthotonos, tetany, & wind-stroke. Can also be used in combination to treat problems from heat or blood xu

- Extinguishes wind & alleviates pain: headaches, dizziness, & migrains that occur with wind-phlegm patterns. Also wind-stroke with hemiplegia, dizziness, & numbness in the extremities

- Disperses painful obstruction: Bi syndromes with pain & numbness of the lower back & extremities

C&C: some toxicity

Dosage: up to 10g
Tian Ma
"Heavenly Hemp"
Gastrodia Zhizome
Rhizoma Gastrodiae
Channels: LIV, LU

Properties: Spicy, Bitter, Warm

* Calms the Liver & Anchors the Yang: headache, vertigo, dizziness

~ Dispels wind-heat & brightens the eyes: red, swollen, painful eyes as well as increased tearing

~ Facilitatesthe smooth flow of Liver Qi: constrained Liver qi (pain & distention in chest or flanks, or insufficient lactation)

- Dispels wind & stops itching: any kind of skin lesions with significant itching

C&C: pregnancy
- Qi or Blood Xu

Dosage: up to 12g
Bai Ji Li
Caltrop Fruit, Tribulus
Fructus Tribuli Terrestris
Channels: KI, LIV

Properties: Salty, Cold

* Drains fire & causes yang to descend: Liver fire & ascendant Liver Yang (headache, dizziness, red eyes)

~ Improves vision & causes superficial visual obstructions to recede: Liver heat patterns that affect the eyes(photophobia, pterygium, red eyes, blurred vision, other superficial visual obstruction)

C&C: None

Dosage: up to 30g
- cook first
Shi Jue Ming
"Stone Sense Brightness"
Abalone Shell
Concha Haliotidis
Channels: BL, LIV, LU, SP

Properties: Salty, Cold

* Drains heat & stops spasms & convulsions: high, strong fevers with convulsions & seizures. Can by used alone. Recently also used for manic type schizophrenia

- Calms wheezing: especially from Lung Heat

- Clears heat & unblocks & promotes movement in the channels & collaterals: especially Hot Bi. Also hemiplegia due to channel obstruction

- Clears heat & promotes urination: Hot Lin

- Hypertension associated with ascendant Liver Yang

C&C: None Noted

Dosage: up to 15g
powder - up to 2g
Di Long
"Earth Dragon"
Channels: LIV

Properties: Salty, Spicy, Neutral, Toxic

* Extinguishes wind & stops tremors & convulsions: Liver wind phlegm patterns (spasms, acute or chronic childhood convulsions, tetany, opisthotonos, tics, tetanus, & seizures. Very Effective.

- Attacks & relieves fire toxin & dissipates nodules: topical use on toxic sores, swellings, & scrofula. "Use toxin to attack toxin"

- Unblocks the collaterals & stops pain: stubborn headaches, migrains & Bi syndromes

C&C: toxic - do not overdose
- wind associated with blood xu
- pregnancy

Dosage: up to 5g in decoction
- up to 1g as powder
Quan Xie
Scorpion, Buthus
Buthus Martensis
Channels: LIV

Properties: Spicy, Warm, Toxic

* Extinguishes wind & stops spasms & convulsions: chronic childhood convulsions, opisthotonos, lockjaw, & seizures

~ Attacks toxins & dissipates nodules: topical application for toxic nodules (sores, carbuncles, & neck lumps). Also poisonous snake bites

~ Unblocks the collaterals & stops pain: stubbord headaches, migrains, & Bi syndromes

C&C: toxic - do not overdose
- pregnancy

Dosage: up to 3g
- powder - up to 1g
Wu Gong
Scolopendra Subspinipes
Channels: LIV, LU

Properties: Spicy, Salty, Neutral

* Extinguishes wind & stops spasms & convulsions: internal movement of Liver-Wind or Wind-Phlegm-Heat (childhood convulsions or facial paralysis, and seizures)

- Expels wind & stops pain: external or liver-wind (headache, red eyes, sore, swollen throat, also loss of voice)

- Transforms phlegm & dissipates nodules: phlegm-heat scrofula and other phlegm nodules

- Expels wind & stops itching: itching skin lesions such as wind-rash

- antagonizes: jie geng, fu ling, bei xie, sang piao xiao

Dosage: up to 10g
powders - up to 1.5g
Jiang Can
Body of Sick Silkworm
Bombyx Batryticatus