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characteristics of substance use
-is not physically hazardous
-doesnt result if failure to fulfill obligations
-no legal problems
-doesnt continue if social problems arise
misuse is an incident of substance use which ____?
-results in failure to fulfill obligations
-occurs in situations where it is physically hazardous
-creates legal problems
-causes social problems
-a maladaptive pattern of substance use leading to clinically significant impairment over a 12 month period
substance dependence
-maladaptive pattern of use characterized by:
-inability to quit
-a lot of time spent obtaining substance
-social impairment
-development of a reversible substance specific syndrome due to recent ingestion or exposure to the substance
-development of substance specific syndrome due to cessation of substance use that has been heavy and prolonged
-a need for more substance to achieve the same feeling over time
-or diminished effect with the same amount
self regulation model of substance use
-substances effect the brain by disregulating normal negative feedback pathways
self regulation model of substance misuse
-misuse can lead to self correcting behavior or it can lead to abuse/dependence
slef regulation model of dependence
-dependence leads to interpersonal functioning that disconnects social and physical environment negative feedback systems
what are the lifetime prevalences of use of alcohol, cigs, pot, coke?
-alcohol 85%
-cigs 73%
-pot 33%
-coke 12%
what are the psychosocial aspects of dependence?
-disturbed ego functions
-personality disorders
-family/social problems
what are the 4 major behavioral principles of dependence etiology?
-positive reinforcing qualities
-adverse affects
-discrimination of substance
-other cues associated with the substance
neurological diseases model of dependence
-disregulation of NT systems, second messenger or gene function
-prior to and or subsequent to abuse and dependency
-have you ever felt the need to Cut down your use?
-have you ever been Annoyed at criticism of your use?
-have you ever felt Guilty about something youve done while intoxicated?
-ever had an Eye opener?
what are the 3 components of abuse treatment?
-biochem: detox
-beliefs: cognitive behavioral therapy
-behavior: abstinence