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to be happy that
alegrarse de que
i hope that
esperar que
to be happy/sad that
estar contento/triste de que
it seems like a lie that
parece mentira que
it could be that
puede ser que
to feel that
sentir de
to be suprised that
sorprenderse de que
to fear that
temer que
to be afraid of
tener miedo de que
to be worthwhile that
valer la pena que
it is absurd that
es absurdo que
it is curious that
es curioso que
it is scandalous that
es escandaloso que
it is impossible that
es imposible que
it is incredible that
es increíble que
it is necessary that
es indispensable que
it is fair that
es justo que
it is a shame that
es (una) lástima que
it is possible that
es posible que
it is preferable that
es preferible que
it is probable that
es probable que
it is ridiculous that
es ridículo que
it is suprising that
es sorprendente que
it is sad that
es triste que