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How many grams of fiber are needed daily? for the calc
14 g per 1000 calories
How do you calculate someone's protein requirements?
Divide their weight in pounds by 2.2. This gives you the kg conversion. Then, multiply by .8.
How many mg of Na do you need daily?
2300 mg
How much of your calories should be complex starches?
How many grams of fiber should you get in a day?
25-35 g per day
How much monounsaturated fats should you aquire?
less than 15%
How much polyunsaturated fats should you get in a day?
less than 10%
How much mg of cholesterol should you get in a day?
less than 300 mg
How much of triglycerides should you get in a day?
20-35% of calories
How much saturated fats should be in your daily diet?
8-10% of cals
How much protein should you get in a day?
10-35% of cals
How much sugar should you get in a day?
25% of cals
Where can glucose be found?
Where can fructose be found?
fruit and honey
Where can maltose be found?
What are the four functions of lipids?
1. insulation
2. protects against shock
3.helps body use protein and carbs efficiently
4. energy reserve
What are the three types of lipids in the family?
What is a fatty acid that carries the maximum amount of H?
Where can saturated fatty acids be found?
animals, coconut and palm oil
Where can polyunsaturated fats be found?
corn oil safflower oil, and soybean oil
Where can monounsaturated fats be found?
olive and canola oil
What is a fatty acid that has more than one point of unsaturation or more than 2 H missing?
polyunsaturated fatty acid
What is a fatty acid that has a point of unsaturation and has 2 H missing?
monounsaturated fats
Which fatty acid lowers cholesterol?
Monounsaturated fatty acids
What is a fatty acid that has hydrogens on opposite sides of the double bond?
Trans fatty acids
What fatty acid raises the LDL cholesterol?
transfatty acids
Describe the process of hydrogenation.
1. H added to monounsat or polyunsat to reduce number double bonds
What happens to the fatty acid in hydrogenation?
makes the acid more saturated and resistant to oxidation
What produces trans fatty acids?
Where can linoleic acid be found?
vegetable oil and meat
Where can linolenic acid be found?
fish oil, flax seed, canola, nuts
What is the omega six acid that allows body to make more omega six acids?
linoleic acid
What is the omega 3 acid that allows the body to make carbs, epa,and dha?
linolenic acid
What transports diet derived lipids?
What transports triglycerides,cholesterol,phospholipids?
What transports cholesterol only?
What are the four functions of proteins?
1. support growth and maitenance
2. maintain fluid balance
3.maintain acid-base balance in blood
4.provide energy if have to
What is a protein made up of?
How much of the protein is made of nitrogen?
16 %
What is an amino acid made up of?
amine and acid group with a varied side chain
What are three agents of denaturation?
Give the 5 fates of amino acids.
1. make a growing protein
2. make another compound
3.dismantle and make new amino acid
5.convert to glucose or fat
What parts of an amino acid can be stored as fat or converted to glucose, and what happens to the nitrogen?
N converted to urea and secreted.
What are proteins that facilitate chemical reactions without being changed in the process?
Give the three functions of enzymes.
1. make lg compounds from small ones
2. hydrolyze comps to small ones
3.turn amino acids into glucose