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a way to read a text to get a general sense of it
Note-taking - double-entry page
student draws a line down the middle of the page. On left he takes notes from the reading or lecture. After the reading or lecture, the student rereads the notes and writes his reactions, reflections, and connections int he right-hand column next to the corresponding information on the left
Note-taking - SQ3R
survey - student previews chapter to assess organization of information
question - students examines chapter's headings and subjeadings and rephrases them into questions
read - student reads one section of chapter at a time selectively, primarily to answer questions
recite - student answers each question in his own words and writes the answers in his notes
review - student immediately reviews what has been learned
Graphic organizers
note-taking guide used before, during, or after reading;
concept map
semantic feature analysis
venn diagram
cycle map
Anticipation guides
provides students with opportunity to respond to and discuss a series of open-ended questions or opinion quetions that address various themes, vocabulary words, and concepts that will appear in an upcoming test