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What are the five rules to success?
1. make the teacher happy
2. save all work
3. do more than required
4. use your agenda book
5. no missing assignments
What are organization systems use for?
1. to keep all work in the proper place
2. so you will be able to find things easier and quicker.
3. when tests or exams come you have an easy way to find study material
What did building a tower without rules demonstrate?
That we are given rules for a reason. Rules help us stay on track and follow a structure. If we lived in a constant chaotic world we may never accomplish anything.
Why is it important to set goals?
1. gives us something to strive for or achieve.
2. gives us the ability to see an accomplishment
3. we are able to see an milestone has been surpassed.
4. we can then reward ourself.
What are the two time increments you should use for effective study time?
1. 20 minutes on 5-10 minutes off, 20 on 5 off, 20 on 5 off

2. 30 minutes on 3 minutes off, 30 on 3 off, 30 on 3 off
what is the key to pre paring for tests?
YOu must understand the material.