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Name 4 of the 6 people who are excluded from a family. (Not blood, marriage, or adoption.)
-Live-in Partners
-Foster Kids
-Gay People
-People in Church/School
What are 3 examples of a Healthy Family?
-good communication
-being realistic
-time spent together
-physical touch
-stable environment
What are 3 examples of an Unhealthy Family?
-physical, emotional, or mental abuse.
-family is not made a priority
-no boundries
-lacking respect
-no structure
-parents absent
What is the age of a first marriage for both men and women?
Average age for men= 27
Average age for women= 25
Since 1960, what has happened to the divorce rate?
The rate is now twice as high.
Who is least likely to get a divorce?
Hispanic women.
What is a nonmarital cohabition?
An intimate relationship living, living with someone of the same or opposite sex and not be married.
How has nonmarital cohabition changed in the past 30 years?
It has increased 7 times in the last 30 years.
Which race has the higher rates and are less likely to marry?
African Americans
In the 1960's what percentage of women between the ages of 25-64 were in the labor force?
In the late 1990's what percentage of women ages 25-64 were in the labor force?
75% (3/4)
What was the most common type of household in the mid 1800's mid 1900's?
Mom, Dad, and biological children
What was the percentage of births to unmarried women in the late 1900's?
-African Americans
Whites- 25%
Hispanics- 41%
African Americans- 70%
What is Sociobiology?
Traits that are genetically determined and lead to gender differences.
What are 5 examples of how males differ from females?
-take longer to speak
-better spatial ability
-better hand-eye coordination
-stray from mom's and explore
-think strategically
-higher levels of aggression
What are 5 examples of how females differ from males?
-better verbal ability
-turn a map to read it
-stay closer to mom
-better hearing
-more sensative
-feel more pain but have a high pain tolerence
-remember more names
Name 3 of the 5 models of partner selection in the Agrarian Model.
-families select mate
-male's family- gives farm to couple
-female's family- gives dowry to male's family
-Iran, Pakistan, and India are countries where this type of model occurs
-India is starting to allow young people to choose their own mates.
Name 2 of the 4 models of partner selection in the Courtship Model.
-young person selects partner
-partents try to have young people marry within the same social class.
-less economic than Agrarian Model.
-male usually ask the females parents for permission to marry her.
Name 2 of the 3 models of partner selection in the Contemporary Model.
-total control to select partner
-sexual contact is less controlled
-U.S.-this is the typical model today
What are the two examples used on the powerpoint for falling in love?
-Love is a universal emotion
-Intense feeling of attraction between 2 people.
What are the 3 categories in breaking up?
-Social Incompatibility
-Low Relationship Quality
-Social Network Influences
What do men say the reason is for breaking up?
Absence of romance in the relationship.
What do women say the reason is for breaking up?
Wanted more independence, lack of openness in the relationship and inequity.
What is Rapport in the development of love?
-initial attraction
-exaggerate qualities when first dating someone.
What is Self-Revelation in the development of love?
-disclosure about each other
-more realistic about each other
-end relationship or "work on each other."
What is Mutual Dependence in the development of love? The three levels?
-Rely on and consider each other when making decisions

-A- Extremely dependent
-H- Barely connected, do own thing
-M- Connected, but could stand alone
What are 3 of the 5 factors of males who are likely to be violent in relationships?
-The males hold traditional beliefs of what roles men and women should hold.
-Use sex as a way to express anger or dominance.
-They typically experience a greater number of sexual partners and have a number of sexual experiences.
-They have aggressive friends.
-They typically use alcohol.
What are some of the effects of jealousy?
-Feelings of rejection
What are the 3 types of singles?
-Ambivalent Singles- those for whom singlehood is both voluntary and temporary.

-Wishful Singles- those who hope to marry in the near future and are actively trying to find a suitable mate.

-Resigned Singles- those who want to be married, but accept that they probably never will be, due to not being able to find a partner.
What are some dating problems mentioned in your book?
-Power struggles
-Courtship violence and date rape.