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Administrative Adjudication
A quasijudicial process in which a bureaucratic agency settes disputes between two parties in a manner similar to the way courts resolve disputes.
Amicus Curiae
"Friend of the court", a third party to a lawsuit who files a legal brief for the purpose of raising additionnal pints of view in an attempt to influence a courts decision.
Appellate Courts
courts that generally review only findings of law made by lower courts

State Level
Criminal vs. Civil Law
criminal law- codes of behavior related to the protection of property and individial safety. Civil law- codes and behavior relaated to busines and contractual relationships between groups and individuals

Criminal- gov decides
civil- conduct bwtn 2 people
EPA Accountablitiy
Environment Protection Agency
Equal Time Rule
the rule that requires broadcasts stations to sell compaign air time equally to all candidates if they choose to sell it to any.

both sides get equal time asked for.
Executive Agreement
formal government agreement entered into by the excutive branch that does not require the advice and consent of the US senate.
Executive Order
a rule or regulation issued by the president that has the effect of law. Alle exeucutive orders much be published in the Federal Register

"dont ask dont tell"
Government Corporations
business (such as US postal service) established by congress that performs functions that could be provided by private businesses.
Hatch Act
law enacted in 1939 to prohibit civil servents from taking activists roles in partisan compaigns. this act prohibited federal employees from making political contributions, working for a particular party, or compaigning for a particular candidate.

cant compain for themselves.. act war ammended *so u can*
the process by which a law or policy is put into operation by the bureaucracy.
Independent Executive Agency
government unit that closelt resembles a Cabinet department but has a narrower area of responsibility (such as the central Intelgence agency) and is not part of any cabinet department.
Independent Regulatry Commission
an agency created by confrress that is generally concerned with specific aspect of the economy
Iron Triangle Vs. Issue Network
- iron triangles- the relatively stable relationships and patterns of interaction that occur among an agency, interest group, and congressional committees or subcommittees. Issure Network- the loose and informal relationshps that exists among a large number of actors who work in broad policy areas.
Judicial Review
power of the courts to review acts of other branches of governament and the states.
Judiciary Act, 1789
established the basic three-tiered structure of the federal courtss in any particular case.
Authority vested in a particular court to hear and decide the issures of any particualar case.
Marbury vs. Madison
supreme court case first asserted the power of judicial review in finding that the congressional stature extending the courts original jurisdiction was unconstitutional.
Media Effects
the influence of news sources on public opinion.
A form of newspaper publishing, in vogue in the early twentieth century, concerned with reforming gov and business conduct.
an executive grant providing restoration of all rights and prvileges of citizenship to a specific individual charged or convicted of crime.
job, grants, or other special favors that are given as rewards to friends and political allies for their support.
Pendleton Act
Reform measure that created the Civil Service Commission to administer a partial merit system.
Push Poll
a poll taken for the purpose of providing info on an opponent that would lead respondents to vote against that candidate.
Rule of Four
at least 4 justices of the Supreme court must vote to consider a case before it can be heard.
Sampling Error
a measure of the accuract of a public opinion poll.
Spoils System
the firing of pblic office holders of a defeated political party and their replacements with loyalists of the newly elected party.
Stare Decisis
- in court rulings, a reliance on past decisions of precedents to formulate decisions in new cases.

standing decision not changing mind
Straw Poll
Unscientific survey used to gauge public opnion on varietty of issues and policies.
War Powers Act
passed by congress in 1973, the pres is limited in the deployment of troops overseas to a sixtyday period in peacetime unless congress explcitly gives its approval for a longer period.
Writ or Ceriorari
a request for the court to order up the records from a lower court to review the case.

request in writing to review
Yellow Journalism
a form of newspaper publishing in vogue in the late-ninetheenth century that featured pictures, comics, colors and sensationalized, oversimplifie news coverage.