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What Factors effect Population density?
birth and death rates
fertile lands
water source and
What is a demographer?
A person who studies population around the world.( birth and death rates)
define population
amount of number of people in an area
define population distribution
The way the population is spread out over the year
population density
the averagae number of people who live an a square mile
Define birthrate
The number of live births each year per 1,000 people.
How do demographers measure population density?
They divide the number of people living in a place by the number of square miles for that place.
Define deathrate
The number of deaths each year per 1,000 people.
What is the average life expectancy for a woman in the United States?
80 years
What is the average life expectancy for a man in the United States?
73 years
What two scientific developments have made it possible for the life expectancy rate to increase?
Green Revolution and new medicines and surgeries
Name two ways rapid population growth affects the world.
Any Two:
Lack of jobs
Not enough Schools
Not enough decent housing
Sanitation is inadequate
Not enough transportation
Define Green Revolution
The scientific development that help with growing crops.
Define Migration.
People moving from one place to another.
Define Immigrant.
People who leave one country and move to another.
What is the difference between migration within a country and migration from one country to another?
Migration within in a country would be moving to a new state or different area of the country. Migration from country to country is when people move from one country to a different country.
What is a distribution map?
a map that shows where the populations is and how many people are in each place.
Define the push-pull theory.
a theory of migration that says people migrate because of certain things in their lives "push" them to leave. Certain things in a new place or a new place with better living conditions "pull" people to a new country.
The movement of people in cities and the growth of cities --- is called what?
What is a rural area?
A village on the countryside with little population.
Why do many people move from Rural to Urban areas?
In search for jobs, decent houses, and good schools and most importantly they want more opportunities for their children.