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What is the Greek orientation?
good of city = good of soul
City is comprehensive. Only philosophers transcend the city.
What is the Jewish orientation?
Religious law.
What is the Greek idea of the Highest?
Impersonal, intelligible divinity = Highest= heavens
What is the Jewish idea of the Highest?
Personal, Mysterious God = highest
What is the Greek idea of the family and the city?
Family demoted, but would have come just after the individual.
What is the Jewish idea of the family and the city?
City demoted, but would have come after the individual. Family just before God.
How (according to Kass) does God educate Abraham?
Abraham learned what was good by obedience to God, meaning obedience to
sacrifice. God comes before family and self.
How does Athens see the sacrifice of Abraham's son?
Sacrifice goes against the good of the soul, not intrinsically good. Impossible to be 100% obedient.
What “synthesis” of elements of these two does modern rationalism attempt?
Jerusualem (spiritual law) and Athens (philosophy) = modern rationalism