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Transition Plan
begins at 14.5 years of age from school to adult whether it be post secondary education, employment placement, vocational training
Self Determination
The right to make ones own decisions about important aspects of ones life...18 legal age of majority
Multicultural Education
Provides equal educational opportunities to students regardless of gender, social class, ethnicity, race, disability or other cultural identity
get to know students beyond their stereotypes
values and typical behavior, languages and dialects, nonverbal communication, awareness of ones cultural identity and world views or general perspectives
shared common characteristics of the larger culture, not necessarily the minority, ie gender, skin color, political parties
Exceptionality Group
Group sharing a set of special abilities or disabilities that require special accommodation within a given subculture
Collecting information about individuals or groups for the purpose of making a decision
3 Problems of Standardized Testing
1. They dont take cultural diversity into account 2. They focus on deficits and the individual alone 3. They dont provide information useful in teaching
Instructional Approaches
Direct Instruction, Cooperative Learning, Peer Tutoring, Cross-Age Grouping, Classwide Peer Tutoring
Specific Teacher Behaviors
Positive Reinforcement and questioning techniques
Concept Mapping
designed to enhance vocabulary and concept development
Cooperative Learning
placing students with similar skillsets together to help them learn together
Stage Theory Approach
Shock and Disruption, Denial, Sadness, Anxiety and Fear, Anger and Adaptation