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What happened to Caesar in 44 B.C.?
He was assasinated.
What did Julius Caesar do to help the poor?
gave farms to the Romans who lost their land and created jobs for the poor
What name did Octavian take after he was named military leader for life?
Augustus Caesar
Who took over power after Julius Caesar was killed?
Octavian, Caesar's adopted son
What does Augustus mean?
What happened to the republic under Augustus?
It came to an end. The Senate continued to meet, but it had little real power. Augustus was the sole ruler of Rome.
How many people became wealthy from the riches the Romans got from conquered lands?
only a very few became wealthy
What was one of the groups who suffered the most?
Roman workers
What were the workers forced to do in order to suvive?
They had to beg.
Why did the price of grain fall?
Huge amounts of grain were brought t Rome from conquered lands so they had too much.
What is another name for dictator?
absolute ruler
Rome was deeply divided between what two groups of people?
the rich and the poor
Besides the workers, what other group of Romans also suffered and lost their jobs?
Where did the farmers and workers turn for help?
to the government
What general came to power in 49 B.C.?
Julius Ceasar
For over 100 years, Rome was torn by riots, rebellions and what else?
civil war