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Who are the 5 founders?
Edmund Law Rogers,George Miles Arnold,Frank Courtney Nicodemus,William Grigsby McCormick,John Covert Boyd
John Covert Boyd, when he was born and place of birth,date of death?
December 24, 1850, near Bradford Springs, Sumter County, South Carolina. Died July 7, 1927
John Covert Boyd, where did he continue school, and what jobs did he have?
he recieved his M.D. when he left
Virgina after his second year to enter the medical department of the University of the City of New York. His dad and grandfather where also physicians. Worked as assistant surgeon in the Navy medical corps,professor in the Naval Medical College, President Theodore Roosevelt designated him to help incorporate the Amercian National Red Cross
William Grigsby McCormick,Where and when he was born, and when he died?
Born: June 3, 1851 in Chicago
Dieded: Nov. 29, 1941
William Grigsby McCormick, HOw many chilidren did he have, and how many of each sex?
7 kids, 3 boys, 4 girls
Frank Courtney Nicodemus, when was he born and when did he die?
Born:Jan. 8, 1853
Died: May 25, 1919
Frank Courtney Nicodemus, was a student where before going to the University of Virginia, and who was he friends with while there?
Kinnier Academy, and a friend of Rogers
Nicodemus, what did he do when he left the University of Virginia?
joined his fathers business, became a partner four years later. Later him and his father formed the investment brokerage firm of J.C. Nicodemus & Son. Four years later formed the firm of F.C. Nicodemus &Co., which manufactured boilers, engines and machinery. Later still he became the treasurer of the Baltimore post office and next he accepted the general agency for Maryland of the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company.
Whos Nickname was "the little Spaniard"
George Miles Arnold
What were George Miles Arnolds cheifs studys?
Latin, French , and mathematics
George Miles Arnold, when and where was he born, and when and what did he die from?
Born: Aug. 27,1851 in Troy, New York
Died: Jan. 25,1890 from psneumonia
Where did George Miles Arnold finish his education?
the Medical College of New York
Which Brother gave nearly his whole time to the society?
George Miles Arnold
Edmund Law Rogers,When and where was he born and when did he die?
Born: July 1, 1850 in Baltimore, Maryland
Died: Dec. 9,1893
Edmund Law Rogers, where did he prepare for college at?
James Kinnier Academy in Baltimore, where Nicodemus was a classmate at
What did Edmund Law Rogers study at the University of Virginia?
Who developed the Badge of Kappa Sigma?
Edmund Law Rogers
In the academic year of 1869, who were the other two members other than the Founding Five?
Samuel Isham North and John Edward Semmes
Who brought back the star and cresent and where was he from?
William Cornelius Bowen, from Northampton, North Carolina
What other members were added?
George Leiper Thomas and Edward Stanley Toadvin, and followed by William Clark Whitford
Who was the historian?
Finis K. Farr