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Which philosophical school of thought suggests the fundamental value of existentialism is to be true to oneself?
Who was best known for his work with existentialistic themes?
Jean-Paul Sartre
True or false, most of the great discoveries of science for hundreds of years took place in the universities?
False,most of the discoveries took place in the academies or as a result of private patronage of great thinkers.
Which of the original nine Colonial colleges was not sectarian?
University of Pennsylvania
Which publication signaled the beginning of the end for strictly Idealist higher education?
The 1828 Yale Report
What was the purpose of the Morill Act of 1828?
For each state to be given land to use to fund and build universities.
If the Morrill Act was written by John Turner, why is it named "Morill"?
Turner felt the bill would have a better chance if it was presented by an eastern senator, Justin Smith Morill of Vermont agreed to present the bill.
What president vetoed the Morrell bill?
Which president ultimately signed the Morill bill?
What did Mroill add to the bill after it was vetoed?
Morrill added that the universities would also teach military tactics along with the orginal agriculture and engineering.
What does "in loco parentis" mean in regards to student affairs?
In place of the parent which became the burden of the student affairs worker.
What was the purpose of publishing The Student Personnel Point of View in 1937?
To clarify goals and coordinate the student affairs workers.
What was called for at the end of the 1937 Student Personnel Point of View
Research to better learn how to properly serve students in higher education.
True or False? The 1937 Student Personnel Point of View was dominately existentialistic in philosophical nature.
False, the publication was not heavily philosophical and had undertones of several philosophical schools of thought.
What theme was more present in the 1949 revision of the Student Personnel Point of View due to the recent war against Nazi Germany?
True or False? In loco parentis remained the main role of student affairs workers on into the 80's.
False, in loco parentis met its demise during the 1960s. Student affairs educators stop being purveyors and become facilitators and consultants.
The perspective statement of the 1987 Perspective on Student Affairs argues for what mission?
For the preeminence of the academic mission for higher education and that student affairs should not compete with, or substitute for, the academic mission.
True or False? The 1987 Perspective on Student Affairs was intended to be a political statement.
What 1995 publication took the form of an examination of the Pragmatic contract between colleges and universities and their students.
Reasonable Expectations: Renewing the Educational Compact between Institutions and Students
What is the main focus of the Reasonable Expectations: Renewing the Educational Compact between Institutions and Students?
The focus is on mutual respect and high expectations going in both directions, with integrity and communication strongly emphasized.