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Circle 9: Round 3 (Part 2)
- Traitors to Lords/Benefactors;
- Set out to destroy the rightful God

* Judas (Spiritual order)
* Brutus & Cassius (Secular order)
Circle 9: Round 1 & 2
- Traitors to family (Held in ice, heads bent forwards)

- Traitors to country (Gripped by ice)
* Archbishop Ruggieri & Ugolino
Bolgia 7 & 8
- Thieves: trapped in snake pit w/ bound hands

- Evil Counselors: Concealed in flames
* Ulysses, Diomede, Guido

- Sowers of Discord: Wounded and mutilated (Mohamet)
Circle 9 (Name)
Cocytus - Fraud
Circle 8 (Name)
Maleboge - Fraud
Circle 9: Round 3 (Part 1)
- Murders of guests (held in ice w/ head bent backwards)
Circle 7: Round 2 & 3
- Violent against self (are trees)

- Violent against God; blasphemers, sodomites, usurers (stretched, running, or huddled on burning sand)
* Brunetto Latini (running)
Circle II
Minos sends wicked to Hell and good to Elysian Fields w/ circling tail

The Lustful:
Blown forever by stormy winds
* Dido; Paulo & Francesca
Circle I
Virtuous pagens; unbaptized babies (melanchology; desire without hope)
* Homer, Socrates, Plato, etc.
Bolgia 10
- Alchemists (Diseased)
- Impersonaters, counterfitters, false witness (abusing each other)
* Sinon of Troy

- Titans
Bolgia 2 & 3
- Flatterers: Covered w/ filth
* Jason & Others

- Simonists: Turned upside down w/ fire on feet
* Pope Nicholas III
Vestibule of Hell
-Neutral and Uncommitted (Stung by bees; running after banner)
* Pope Celestine V

Charon resides here
Circle 7: Round 1
Violent against neighbors and fellow men; war makers (submerged in hot blood and guarded by centaurs who shoot them if they rise too high)
* Alexander the Great, Attilla the Hun
* Chiron and Nessus (Centaurs(
Circle III
The Gluttons: Lying in mud, besieged by snow, hail and filthy water) Gaurded by Cerebus;
* Ciacco
Bolgia 4, 5, & 6
- Fortune tellers/diviners: heads twisted backwards
* Tieresias

- Grafters: covered by boiling pitch and harrassed by devils

- Hypocrits: clad in leaden mantles
* Caiphus
Circle IV
- The Sullen:
Submerged in Styx; sighs rippling the water

- The angry: attacking one another
Bolgia 1
Panderers and Seducers:
Whipped by devils
Circle IV
- The avaricious/prodigal:
Condemned to useless labor
Circle VI
Wall of City of Dis w/ the Furies and Heavenly Messanger

- Heretics:
confines in burning tombs
(Cavalcanti; Farinata)
State & Church are one;
430 AD - 476 AD
Sins of the Body
Sins of Violence
Sins of Fraud
First Dark Age
450 AD - 750 AD

-Western Roman Empire collapses (476AD)
-Social CHAOS!
-Barbarian Princes
-Church is All that remains
-Christian church preserved in Ireland
False Renaissance

-Europe starts recovering
-Holy Roman Empire started by Charlemagne
-Trade, legal system, roads start again
-Secular laws based on religion as seen in Monastic order (Benedictives)
-began democratic revolution that idealized poor and work
Second Dark Age

- Barbarian invasions
-Vikings settle in France but Monks were prepared
-Rebirth of Warlord Culture
1066: Battle of Hastings (Destroyed indigenous culture and melded cultures together)

- Brought Europe out of the Dark Age
- 1093: First Crusade (Pope Urban II)
- 1270: Seventh & Final Crusade ednds
- Directed fighting hunger toward Muslims and the freedom of Jerusulum
- Resulted in making enemies out of Muslims
- Rennaissance begins as result of commerce (especially in Italy)
Dante's Life

- White Ghelph
- 1300: Dante sent on political mission
- Never returned to Florance
- Spiritually and morally lost
Starts w/ a hardness of heart
Old man who ferries souls across the river Acheron.
Virtuous Pagans
Homer, Ovid, Lucen, Horace, Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato
Is in Circle II assigning judgement to sinners by circling tail around them.
After Circle I, and Circle III
Three headed dog in Circle III
Avaricious and Prodigal
Hoarded and squandered money during life; two groups complete semi-circles before crashing into each other. They weren't prudent w/ the god of fortune.
Wrathful & Sullen
On the edge of Styx River covered in mud. Wrathful are biting/striking each other, while Sullen are choking and invisible in mud.
Boatman across the River Styx from 5th to 6th circle and to the City of Dis.
Filipo Argenti
A Black Gelph in the 5th Circle (wrathful)
Head of centaurs that gaurds the River of Blood (Circle 7)
In the Wood of Suicides; They peck and wound the tree souls.
Circle 7 - SAND
Blasphemers lie still in sand;
Brunetto Latini
Dante's teacher; was a sodomite, so he was in the 7th circle